If you are looking for live entertainment for your wedding, do you go for a Pub and Club band, a Function band or a Wedding band? Here you can find out the difference between them and how to find a good wedding band north east that will make your evening a success.
When people are looking to book live entertainment for their event they are often not sure what kind of entertainment to search for.
For instance: if you are looking for evening entertainment for a wedding in the north east should you be searching for a wedding band north east or a function band or just any old pub and club band? Let’s look at the options.
1. Pub/Club Bands are bands who perform mostly in pubs and private parties. They usually only perform a maximum of 2×45 minute sets per night and often only one. Their sets tend to be pretty much fixed and don’t need to be varied to suit the audience, which tends to be similar every night. Pub bands will also usually play in one particular style all night in order to give themselves an identity. They are generally not playing primarily for dancing so there is no sense of urgency to keep the dance floor full and the main aim is to impress the band’s identity on the audience rather than the other way round. Pub bands’ repertoire is usually fairly narrow and limited, quite often when they learn a new song they will discard one from the “bottom” of the list. Where pub bands fail most is, because of the nature of the work they undertake, they do not need to provide any kind of customer service other than to turn up and play. More of this later.
2. Function Bands are a much better bet for entertainment at your wedding evening, particularly if you are expecting a large crowd with a younger age range. Function bands are accustomed to performing in larger and more up market venues such as Marquees, conference centers and hotels. They are also accustomed to providing a certain level of customer service from having to liaise with their clients with regard to the format of the event, setting up before meal service etc.. However, many function bands consist of 7 or 8 members and often carry full brass sections and backing singers in order to give a fuller sound and the razzmatazz to keep the attention of crowds who are often attending a function under duress – to be seen attending by the boss or because their spouse works for the company and insists that they attend too. Another common feature of functions is that the younger guests only go for the free food and drink and then head to the nearest disco, so a function band needs to be very attention grabbing. For a wedding evening you do not necessarily want a band that is going to take up half the room with their gear, insist on a stage and then blast you and your guests with a nonstop wall of 70s and 60s disco hits – you probably want something a little subtler. This is where those who would describe themselves as wedding bands north east come in.
3. Wedding Bands have a particular set of skills which are pretty much unique to the wedding business. Brides and grooms very often have never booked an act or organized any kind of function before so they will appreciate some input into the organization of their day from the band.
For instance, a good wedding band will know how to arrange their sets in the evening to work around the timing of the buffet and will be able to liaise with the maitre d’ of the venue to ensure that the buffet is not served too soon after the wedding breakfast when it would therefore go largely to waste as no one would be hungry. Like function bands, wedding bands will generally have a much larger repertoire. Wedding bands are also best able to play music which covers a wide range of styles and tempos to cater for the several generations of guests at a wedding. A good wedding band will also have a stock of suitable songs for the 1st dance, in case the bride and groom have not already decided – something pub and function bands don’t have to think about. Most of all, wedding bands need to be flexible. No two wedding days are ever the same and while some do run to plan, it’s far more common for the timings to slip by up to a couple of hours by the time the evening starts and this is where a good flexible band can have the advantage. All things considered, if you are looking for a live band for your wedding you should be looking for a band who consider themselves to be a wedding band firstly and then a function band. If your wedding is the north east then try searching for “wedding band north east” in Google or Yahoo and most of the bands there will be suitable for your event.

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Charles F Barnes is a music consultant living in the north east of England. The Dean Solomon Band are a Function Band and they are a top 4 piece professional wedding band north east who provide music for weddings, functions, parties and all events in the North East, North Yorkshire and Co Durham. Visit their site at The Dean Solomon Band for more information.

The rapper known as Hell Rell was born Durrell Mohammad, in Ghana, Africa. Though he grew up in the Bronx in a rough and violent area, music always kept him on the straight and narrow. He totally credits the Hell Rell mixtapes he made and released with helping pave his way for success in the hip hop industry.

Though he releases new mixtapes often, it was his solo debut back in 2006 with a mixtape entitled Streets Wanna Know, which would forever change his life. Although his hip hop career would have to be put on hold for a few years, due to a two-year incarceration, his fans were eagerly awaiting his release. He was even able to contribute to an album, with his group the Diplomats, by calling from the phone inside the jail, and rapping into it.

Upon his release, he signed a deal in 2007 with Koch Records and immediately went to work on his first studio album. For the Hell of It was released just six months later, and reached number five on the Billboard charts. His unique hip hop beats were now finally on display.

Although many fans are eagerly anticipating his next studio album, since the last one was 2 years ago, there are numerous Hell Rell mixtapes available. These rap mixtapes can be found on the many mixtapes sites online, and are famous for their gangsta hip hop beats. Some of the Hell Rell mixtapes titles include, Streets Wanna Know, New Gun in Town, Top Gunna, and You Need People Like Me.

Having collaborated and worked with the most famous people in the business, including Lil’ Wayne, Jadakiss, Cassidy, and Nas, Hell Rell has truly arrived on the rap scene in a major way. From starting with giving away Hell Rell mixtapes, to rapping via jailhouse phone, he certainly has a great American success story. Only time will tell just how major his affect on rap culture will be.

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We all are well familiar with band named “Take That”. This band was at its peak in 1990.It gave many hits. Till now the band has gotten total 10 BRIT awards. Now I would like to name the artist who really lives in the hearts of his fans, named “Robbie Williams”. Robbie Williams and That That were part of same band. They provided that type of music which is still rare. Take That last hit is “The Circus”. The news is that guys that Take That and Robbie Williams are again gathered. It is officially announced by Robbie And Take That band that they are currently working on an album of 5 piece. They will launch it in November 2010.Take That last tour for “The Circus was the fastest selling tour in the history of US. Well if you want to know that when and where Take That Planning to play music for new album you should visit Sold Out Ticket Market. It not only ticketing site but most of all it has record for most recent music updates.

At Take That Concerts are available.You can see dates and venues for concerts here.

Take That Site

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Take That

Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange, Mark Owen and Robbie Williams will be a part of concert in November 2010.Barlow acts as the group’s main singer songwriter as in previous times I think. Initially band formed in Manchester in 1990.Take That band achieved major success as a five person boy band selling more than 25 million records between 1991-96 alone. Before disbanding they were at their peak.In 2005 the group reformed without Williams and achieved new success as a four-piece scoring a string of chart hits whilst taking the number of records sold to over 40 million worldwide. In total the band have had 22 top forty singles in the UK alone, 11 of which have reached #1 as well as having five number 1 albums.But now in 2010 after five years they again in field.Reunion of band is taking place after fourteen years almost.They will definitely make this reunion unforgettable through their music as they made it is their initial timings.

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Take That band and Robbie Williams are again gathered.They will be at music and promotional tour for their current album on which they are working.Updates and Tickets will be soon available at Sold Out Ticket market.

Sound mechanism of the voice

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The Sound-Producing Mechanism

The movable elements of the sound-producing mechanism are the larynx, the vocal cords (housed in the larynx),
several muscles in the neck, the back and root of the tongue, the uvula, the pillars of the faces, and the soft
palate. The immobile parts are the laryngeal pharynx, the oral pharynx, the nasal pharynx, the nasal cavity, and
the sinuses. See Fig. 1 and 2.

The Sound-Producing Mechanism, Front View.

The Sound-Supporting Mechanism

This section includes the lungs, the trachea leading down to the lungs, the chest, the rib cage (surrounding the
front and sides of the lungs), the diaphragm muscle, (positioned at and horizontally connected to the bottom of the
lungs), and the abdominal muscles. See Fig. 3.

Its operate in singing is to make sounds louder or softer, depending upon the portion of air expended in a given
amount of time. In other words, if a lot of air is expended in two seconds we will produce a loud sound; if a small
amount of air is used during that same two seconds we will produce a soft sound. Also, the ability to sing a longer
phrase depends on a full lung capacity. Proper use of the sound-supporting mechanism will insure that the lungs are
filled to capacity.

The Word-Producing Mechanism

This section is composed of the lips, the jaw, the teeth, and the tip, front and middle of the tongue (back to where we
produce the consonants G as in go and K as in king). The word-producing mechanism changes the sounds which
comeup from the vocal cords into words by ways of various muscular actions. See Fig. 4.

The voice is the only instrument whose component parts perform many distinctive
functions that are unrelated to singing.
A few of the easier and more obvious functions are:

The muscles in the neck control the progress of the head.

The back of the tongue pushes up against the soft palate starting the act of


The vocal cords in the sound-producing mechanism opens we breathe. With the
epiglottis performing as a cover, the vocal cords close when we swallow–thus preventing
food or liquid from entering the lungs. See Fig. 5 and 6.

The muscles in the sound-supporting mechanism perform the life-sustaining act of

The component the word-producing mechanism areimplicated in drinking and

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Singer songwriter producer and owner of the blog hip hop 5 dollars
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One mistaken belief which a lot of people have is that the more expensive the cello is, the better the tone quality. This is sometimes not true. I have come across great sounding cello at an affordable price whereas one which costs a lot more, comparatively has weaker tone quality. As such, what are the criteria you should look for when choosing a cello?

1. Tonal quality

The brand name or the maker may not necessarily be more important than the tonal quality of the instrument. Stradivari made about 50 cellos. Some of these produce excellent tone, some mediocre and some not so good tonal quality.

The difference is because cello is made of wood and different pieces of wood vibrate differently. Wood is organic. In addition to that, there are the various components including the fingerboard, back, sides and so forth which are assembled together by the maker. It is impossible to duplicate this combination of parts which vibrate against each other. As such, choose a cello based on the tone it produces, not for the brand name.

2. Condition of the cello

Examine the cello for any visible cracks. Cracks are caused by a number of scenario, including extreme changes in weather, too much or lack of humidity or severe impact. Cracks which open up will cause buzzing sound and tonal issues. Because a cello is much bigger than the violin or the viola, it does get more than the usual number of bumps so do check the instrument for such issues.

3. Age of the cello

As an instrument like the cello or violin ages with play, it will sound better. The older the cello gets, the wood becomes harder and resonates better. Having said that, an old instrument which has been repaired many times may not sound as good as a new one which is structurally well made. So you will need to evaluate and compare the instruments before making a decision.

4. Physical look of the cello

Very often, most people will pick the best looking instrument when presented with several to choose from. This is not unusual, since human beings are visually attracted to good looking things. With a music instrument like the cello, the physical appearance does not affect the tonal quality of the instrument. Whether the cello has a beautiful birdseye Maplewood back, excellent flaming or otherwise, the most important factor is still how it sounds.

Once you have selected your cello, you will also need to look for a reliable and experienced cello teacher to guide you through the techniques needed to play the cello proficiently. Once you have learnt how to play the cello, you will be able to enjoy many hours playing it.

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Whether you are looking for student level cello or sourcing for investment grade, rare and hand crafted cello, Stradivari Strings has the range of instruments for you. Stradivari Strings offers personalized service to help you select your instrument. We also have qualified, cello teachers who can teach you the proper techniques of playing the cello.

3 Easy Guitar Solos to Learn right now

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Guitar lovers adore the guitar solo. Whether it’s Slash ripping it up in “November Rain” or Eddie Van Halen shredding during “Eruption”, that is the stuff great guitar players are made of.

If you’re just getting started on the guitar you’re probably not going to want to try and learn intro to “Hot for Teacher” right away. It’s best to start with some easier guitar solos to sharpen your skills and then progress to more difficult solos as you advance.

In this article I’ll share with you three easy guitar solos I think most guitar players who’ve been playing for three or four months will be able to learn. I suggest finding a tab for each of these solos on your favorite guitar tabs website and giving yourself a couple of days with each to master it.

Intro to Sweet Child O Mine

The intro to this song, while not one of Slash’s solos as per se, is a very memorable riff and sounds great. It takes a bit of time getting the timing and changes down but once you do you’re friends will love it. I’d suggest playing and practicing this one with an electric guitar. Playing it with acoustic just doesn’t have the same impact.

Solo from Acoustic Version of Layla

The original version of this song was amazing, and some how Eric Clapton out did himself with his unplugged version of Layla. The solo in this song sounds a lot more difficult then it actually is. He’s not all over the neck or playing too quickly. With some solid practice for a day or so you’ll have this easy solo under your fingers.

This is probably the best easy guitar solo for the acoustic guitar out there.


I wanted to throw this one in there for two reasons. One, it’s super fun to play and easy to learn. Two, if you’re a fresh beginner on the guitar then the other two easy solos I listed are probably still going to be a bit too difficult for you.

Wipeout is played only on 3 strings and it’s repetitive so it helps build speed for both your fretting and picking hands.

With all three of these guitar solos be sure to start learning them first slowly then add speed as you begin to get the changes and notes under your fingers.

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If you love lead guitar, then you probably love the blues. Almost all rock music can find it’s roots in blues guitar so if you really want to master scales and solos consider a blues guitar dvd to sharpen your skills and understanding of how to play great solos.

how To Read Tabs

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<u>how to read tabs quickly-</u> Creating music is a very pleasant and rewarding experience, especially when you do it through a guitar. When you play the guitar people are impressed by your skills and hence many people like to learn this stringed instrument. The learning involves knowing about the guitar and its different strings, and more importantly how to read guitar tabs. Quite a few people feel this to be a difficult process but the actual problem lies in being impatient and lacking discipline. When there is the right amount of dedication, guitar can be easily mastered.

how to read guitar tabs- To be able to read guitar tabs, one must first familiarize himself with it. Get the guitar tabs you wish to play and then familiarize yourself with the guitar. The top most line on the guitar tab represents the bottom string on your guitar, or the high E string. The second from the top line on the tab represents the B string, which is the second lowest string on the guitar, and so on. Remember that the bottom string of the guitar(high E string) represents the top line of the guitar tab, and the top string (Low E string) on the guitar represents the bottommost line on the tabs.

guitar tabs; Once you have familiarized yourself with the lines, notice the digits which are written between the lines. These numbers represents the frets on your guitar.

The number 1 represents the first fret, and number 2 represents the 2 second fret, and so on. The fret the numbers indicate are meant to be pressed on by your fingers. However, if the number is 0 then you strum that string without any fingers pressed on any frets.

These finger positions are vital and hence have to practice knowing the positions of various frets and their orientation properly. Once you have mastered positioning your fingers to an extent, then you can learn the actual playing.

Here you need to know that the numbers aligned vertically need to be played at the same time, with your fingers pressed firmly in the required positions. You progress from a vertical stack to the next and all through the tab.

Practice and try to master these few steps first, as they are the foundation for the more advanced tab reading. Once you think you mastered these basic steps, you should proceed to learn the tab symbols which will affect the method of your guitar playing. For instance, there are the p (pull off), h (hammer on), / (slide), and b (bend string) symbols. There are also other symbols that show the rhythm of the song, and still others that give certain characteristics to the tune. However, before you learn these advanced symbols one must first learn the basics of both guitar tabs and guitar playing.

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To learn more about <strong>how to read tabs </strong>and other guitar frets and chords, simply visit us at: http://howtoreadtabs.net

A Guide to Rap Beat Machines

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Have you been wanting to make beats using rap beat machines? It’s a great thing that you can make beats using easy to use beat makers and software programs. I don’t know about you but I got tired of hearing the same ole sounds on the radio, so I took a stand and started to create the music I wanted to hear.

I’ll be the 1st to tell you that I used to be a little hesitant about learning how to make beats. The reason for this is because I first started to learn how to make beats using studio equipment such as MPCs, drum equipment, etc. They were all too complicated for me. I’m not an engineer. I did not know how to play the piano or anything like that with the keyboards. So I was just not comfortable and became convinced becoming a producer was not in my future.

It wasn’t until I was introduced to hip hop software programs and rap beat machines that I thought to give music production another shot. At first, I assumed you must be some techie in order for you to understand hip hop software programs, but that’s not the case at all. My software package came with video tutorials and it’s really straightforward.

You will find different software beat makers readily available and it depends on your stage of advancement as to which program to use. The sophisticated software programs varies from $100 to $800. These software programs include Reason, Logic, FL Studio and a lot more. These software programs were a little too complicated for me. Don’t get me wrong. They’re all good music computer software programs. However, there is often a learning curve in learning how to use it especially if you’re a newbie or even an intermediate user. I wanted to learn how to make beats quickly and simple. I did not want to dedicate hours to just learn how to work the program.

That is where easy to use rab beat machine software come into play. These consist of Sonic Producer and DubTurbo. The two can create quality bests but you will discover important differences in between the two. For example, Sonic Producer only operates with an internet browser, so you have to be on the web to operate the program. With DubTurbo, you don’t need to be on the web and it is possible to just download the program onto your desktop on your pc or laptop and you can generate beats no matter where you’re located.

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I go into far more depth about these two rap beat machines programs as well as other ones at my website, http://hiphopsoftwareonline.com. I also reveal the best rap beat machine to use to produce hot beats.

TidySongs Reviews

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A music library is extremely typical nowadays particularly among teens who just adore to listen to each new song released in the marketplace. Unlike in the past wherein you have to pay for an entire CD or album just to be able to listen to music, life has by no means been made less complicated with totally free download. Having said that, for the reason that of the several songs that you have been downloading, keeping track of them becomes impossible. What’s even more frustrating is the reality that organizing them is a lot much more challenging than you are able to ever imagine. Well, this really should not cause you to worry because Tidy Songs has everything you want o organize your music in just a push of a button. Indeed, cleaning up and organizing your stuffs can now come just as very easily.

1. Cleaning Up With Tidy Songs.

It is time you clean up your library with this cool and downloadable program. Making use of cutting edge technology, Tidy Songs is able to organize your music library just the way you would like it and how you want it done. This incredibly powerful program has a mind of its own mainly because it can automatically repair any entry that needs to be updated or some data has to be changed. Even your won playlist that needs some fixing can do some aid from this software.

2. What It Offers?

Quickly and effortless is how Tidy Songs would like to be known for. For certain, with its quite a few followers, one can only say that it has indeed lived up to what’s expected of it as a program. Just to name a couple of of what it can do, the software can automatically put to trash any song inside your library that has duplicate to it. It can even change the spellings on its own. It can also arrange your playlist accordingly depending on your preference.

3. Get It While It Really Is Still Free Of Charge.

Other than the reality that Tidy Songs is really a program that has lots of benefits too as advantages under its name, it may also be availed of for free. Once more, it takes a button to download everything. Just visit their web site and come across out if what else the program has to give you.

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Is TidySongs a scam? Visit http://www.millionsreview.com/tidysongs-review.html to read a FREE report and find out the truth about this easy and powerful program!

Wale – More About Nothing – Review

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I hate mixtapes. I don’t have time to listen to 32 2:00 snippets of random tracks that sound like they were recorded in a garbage can with somebody yelling ad libs throughout. That said, I want to be clear. I don’t care if it is free and is a follow-up 2008′s Mixtape About Nothing, Wale’s More About Nothing is an album. Wale again revisits the Seinfeld theme that graced the first and the result is a concept album that belongs in the elite company of Masta Ace’s A Long Hot Summer and Prince Paul’s Politics of the Business.

To use his own words from the first song on the album, Wale is “hungry as a plastic hippopotamus” and he wastes no time letting everyone know buy opening with the certified banger, “The Problem.” Aside from the varied beat that drops an extra layer of drums that act as musical steriods every time they hit, the autobiographical track thoughtfully and honestly walks the fans through the disconnect between the hype of the artist and the retail failure of Attention Deficit(which is a pretty good album, by the way). It’s almost as if he’s telling the listener that he’s cognizant of the Papooses and Saigons of the world who seemingly wasted a similar buzz and anticipation only to find themselves largely forgotten. Wale doesn’t want to be known as the guy who was on a Lady Gaga track that was made for the radio. Instead, he wants to take his rightful place as one of the more creative and charismatic MC’s on the scene today and seems genuinely hurt by the fact that some of his fans may have been let down by Attention Deficit.

“The Problem” is a pretty difficult opening salvo to top, but Wale is up to the challenge and compliments an incredibly strong opening with track after track of great music and repeatedly showcases himself as an artist that has a range broad enough to cover a wide range of styles and subject matter. By “The MC,” which is the second track, it become pretty apparent that this is anything but a random collection and Wale follows the drums with a horn and cymbal-driven beat that where the MC is interrupted by a recording of a crowd from a live show chanting his name. Wale gives the first indication why the album is called More About Nothingwith a quick cadence that random but witty at the same time. Follow that with “The Soup” which features the voice of the one and only Soup Nazi and lines like “Lost a couple friends; Cool; N**** made a lot of fans; And I give it to y’all cause y’all respect that; so gold albums or not, I did affect rap.”

Again, track after track of great music and I’ve covered three of 21 so far. Let’s cover the best of the stellar. How many MC’s could flow as competently over the asymmetrically complex beat of “The Numbers One (Competition)” and not be overshadowed? Wale is certainly one of very, very few. Not only does Wale add a fresh perspective on the Tiger Woods debacle in “The Eyes of the Tiger” but he seemingly channels the first-person power of Common’s flow from 2005′s “Testify.” How many MC’s could successfully emulate Common while paying homage through quality rather than coming off as a biter? Again, More About Nothingshowcases one of an extremely small group. “The War” takes a vintage George Costanza rant, and actually inserts it in the midst of the lyrics with perfect timing. “The Black N Gold” Sam Sparro-aided funk at it’s best with a video game feel that may have been recorded using a keytar (For the young’uns: the 80′s keyboard that looked like a guitar…for some reason). “The Trip (Downtown)” is a haunting slow-down track that proves that Wale can do a track “for the ladies” that isn’t necessarily exclusively for the ladies.

One track, however, gets it’s own paragraph. I hate how this track played me, but it solidified More About Nothingas an elite album. This is a track that I was sure that I hated once I was 15 seconds in…yet I kept listening. I even went back for a second listen in the confines of my Jeep and hated the moment that I hit the << button. I hated that I listened to it a second time and never skipped to the next track. I typically maintain a pretty hardline against such musical tomfoolery, but found myself softening a bit at least when nobody else was in an earshot. I hated that feeling. When I finally got a chance to listen at home and found that the track was brilliantly titled “The Guilty Pleasure (No Hands),” I couldn’t help but laugh at the perfect characterization and find a new respect for Wale’s awareness. Wow. I hate and love this track.

Not only is this album worth your hard-earned free, it should be required listening for those who were disappointed with Attention Deficit. This isn’t a reclamation project, but Wale’s passion required that he treat it as one. I had no such expectations of More About Nothing,but this album is a fun and engaging listen that will will speak to those who remained fans, reignite those who were wavering, and give birth to those who are listening for the first time. If More About Nothingisn’t one of the five best hip-hop released when the last day of December is removed from the Page-A-Day, then it was a banner year in hip-hop.


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