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“Stay the Night” is the lead single from British singer-songwriter James Blunt’s third studio album, Some Kind of Trouble. The single was released on October 25, 2010. The single received an exclusive advance-release in Austria on September 10, 2010. “Stay the Night” was first written after Blunt stated he was “tired of writing self-pitying songs”.

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Stay The Night by James Blunt is currently one of the hottest tracks in the music scene. James Blunt has a history of fabulous releases, but this is possibly one of the best so far. There is a huge buzz developing on all of the popular video websites such as YouTube, and Stay The Night is making a huge impact on music charts not only in America but in several locations around the world. Stay The Night mp3 is one of the hottest downloads at the moment at online music stores iTunes and Amazon, with huge numbers of fans downloading the song daily. This song is not just popular as an mp3 however, the Stay The Night ringtone is currently one of the hottest ringtone downloads around with thousands of people choosing to liven-up their phones with this fantastic realtone.

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These days, it seems as if just about everyone wants to be involved with the music industry in some way. While not everyone has the desire to be the next chart topper, it seems as if more people want to be notable for their contributions with music, especially considering the landscape these days. With sites like YouTube, it means just about everyone can be a star if they have the talent, which has really been something cool, although people will need somewhere to start. Free recording software is a great idea, as people don’t want to spend the hundreds or thousands of dollars on equipment that won’t necessarily come along with a return on investment.

The Benefit of Using Free Software

Outside of the benefit of it being something that you don’t have to pay for, there are other assorted reasons why everyone should experience free versions that help record or make beats for free. One of the biggest would be, people that are using free software generally aren’t versed with music production, and this is a good way for a person to get their feet wet. While not every piece of software is the same, most of them have some pretty big similarities that allow people to switch from one program to another without too much hassle involved. Normally, starting with free software will only utilize the bare essentials, but it makes for an excellent start, as you don’t have to worry about being too confused or overwhelmed with a lot of options.

Another would be the actual potential that many pieces of free software actually have. More often than not, a person can reasonably expect for their software to come without any limitations. Most people choose to download trial versions of popular software, and while this may come as a shock to some – many of the developers generally have small limitations on their product, such as disabling the save feature. While that may sound like a bummer, it still allows for the person to export the file. While this isn’t necessarily true for all, there are a few that offer this. Considering the amazing things that the free recording software can do, this is something that’s easy to get over, as they’re powerful enough to do just about anything.

Deciding to try your hand at music is a fantastic thing, but we all know that recording software can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Most aspiring musicians aren’t exactly raking in the dough yet, so it’s best to have something that allows for a person to record and make beats for free. Fortunately enough, there are a plethora of different programs that allow for this. With the help of a free program, you’ll be able to increase your proficiency in the program, allowing you to gauge yourself before you decide whether or not this is something that you want to pursue. Buying expensive programs isn’t the best idea initially, especially if there are some great sounding programs that allow for music production without shelling out a single cent.

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Go on, make those beats.
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Most of you reading this document are doing so because you have the desire to produce your own beats on the internet using an online beat maker. I would advise you against using online beat makers. Let me explain to you precisely why I say this and introduce to you alternative options. The primary reason that online beat makers are not good is that they utilize a website to store your beats. If that website were to crash you just lost all the music that you worked so hard to produce. Now its okay if the software/company gives you the option of using it online, but just make sure that you can also download it and save your files on your own computer!

By purchasing an online beat maker with a downloadable option you are providing yourself and your beats with security. Another problem with online beat makers is that there are internet memory issues. Currently, the vast majority of individuals surf the net using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. The problem here is that these browsers do not have unlimited memory. If they start having to process more memory than they are set up to handle they will stall. If they stall you will be forced to restart the browser and try to access it again.

It’s never beneficial to music producers to have your browser crash while you are in the thick of laying down a hot new track!

There is one simple solution to these problems that will allow you to do away with the difficulties of online beat makers. Instead of purchasing an online beat maker, which obviously has problems, buy yourself a quality downloadable beat maker so you can work offline and not have to rely on your browser or connection! There’s a handful of these products on the market, spend some time researching the various companies and their products and I am sure you will find a downloadable beat production software that will work for you.

I sincerely hope this content provided you with useful information, and will save you from making the same mistake of buying an online beat maker that so many aspiring music producers have.

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It doesn’t matter if you play the guitar for fun in your freetime or if you play proffesional in a band or in the studio. If you don’t enjoy playing the guitar you won’t ever be able to play as good as you want to or to reach your musical goals. But if you have fun playing the guitar and have a positive attitude to it you will see that results can come in naturally. So please ask yourself some questions: Do I really enjoy playing the guitar? Can I play completely free of anger and frustration? Do I feel completely relaxed when I make music?
The answer to this three question should be an complete an undeniable YES! If this is not the case than you will stumble upon some barriers and problems with your playing or you maybe even will think about hitting the sack and giving it all up. This is no wonder at all! Music is all about inspiration and freedom. You won’t ever feel inspirated or free if you are not in tune with yourself. It’s maybe the most essential attitude when it comes down to being a musician. Free your mind, be creative and don’t get frustrated over tasks that frustrate many of us. Hopefully I can point you in the right direction with this article!

In the End it all boils down to the right practicing. How can you play any stuff on the guitar if you don’t know how to practice propperly? You need to find lessons or ways of practicing that enables you to play without thinking and “from your heart”. This is where muscle memory comes in. EVERY guitar training should be focused on muscle memory. If you can get your stuff to your muscle memory you will be able to play freely and even more important: relaxed. And the key to muscle memory is playing slowly in the beginning and focus on every little movement you make in your whole body not just in your fingers. Everytime you practice you should ask yourself:
Am I warmed up?
Can I fully focus on my guitar and music?
Do I really hear what I play?
Da I play with the speed?
Do I play in time?
Do I feel some strain or tension?
Am I really relaxed know?
Which is my goal with this lesson?

If you make it to your habit to ask these questions EVERYTIME you play they will become second nature. Please try it out for some weeks, you will be surprised with the results!

And remember: Why are you playing the guitar??!

Have FUN…

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Looking for free music for videos is often tricky. Virtually any music used in films must be paid for, licensed, or be royalty free. A lot of film makers and people who develop videos might prefer to employ a certain song. The issue is the fact that musicians work very hard for their music and really should get paid for it. Whenever a song is used without permission, the musicians don’t get compensated. Record companies try to prevent this by taking down videos and countering with law suits. Legal fees are often sky high. So it’s a lot better to work with free music.

To use copyrighted music, fees have to be paid and also a creative license given. The rates are usually very affordable and reasonable. However, a lot of people continue to think that usage rates are way too high. Rates are generally given when asked, though from time to time requests are declined. Take a look at the legal statements on the particular website.

Several seconds of songs can be utilized without spending money on a license or royalties. Around ten seconds of a song may be utilized at no cost dependent on the song. Ten seconds is almost never an adequate amount of the song to use. That is exactly why you will find lots of parody songs used. A parody is a song that is very similar or utilizes similar sounds of a recognized song.

Sound effects can be seen free on the internet. Lots of the sounds that are in films are classic. Almost everyone will recognize the typical sounds. They can be seen on the web. These are good since they are mixed and ready to go. They can simply be put right into the video. They’re free copyright licensed with the intention that anybody may use them. This goes for a number of songs also. A lot of classical songs may be employed because they are past their copyright date or it’s expired.

To make use of a song or piece of music, first of all check to determine whether it includes a creative common license. When it includes one that means it doesn’t have to be paid for. A number of myths that surround copyright free music are that it sounds like elevator music and it is boring. This is not accurate. There are many complete and good songs that happen to be open to anyone to utilize and appreciate. Anyone can search for rock and roll songs or country western music for free music for videos.

High quality music samples are offered to listen to on the web. Find the ideal song for your video. A particular moment can be enhanced by the proper piece of music. Locate free music for videos online and given the video life as well as a soundtrack that people will be able to identify with. The emotional level of a video is increased with music. In the film business, it is actually known as the score.

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How To Market Your Music Using Innovative Promotion Strategies & A Personal Touch.

How do you properly market your music without hiring a promoter?

Why pay anyone else if you can do a better job on your own? First of all, what many indie music promoters do in the end can tend to be nothing more than an impersonal email campaign. Without the focus, effort and personalized approach required to make a real contact, they can do more damage than good, sometimes losing valuable press and getting your band’s reputation hurt in the process.

That’s not to say that you should be congratulating yourself. Many independent musicians do a terrible job of promoting themselves by mass mailing countless people on websites such as Myspace & Facebook, begging “Check us out!” or “Free album giveaway!” Unfortunately, this is not going to help you move forward in any professional sense.

To market your music properly, first you need to have your professional package together.

This is a topic that is explored in many other blogs but it includes a well written
biography, band pics, a properly designed home page, a CD or professionally recorded tracks, and art to represent you.If any of these important elements are not up to snuff – hold off until they are. Other critical things you will require are a blog, a newsletter,
ways for people to virally spread your music, incoming links, SEO (Search engine optimization) and lots of press.

So what will you be doing in order to market your music yourself and ditch the promoter? Get lots of press.

How do you do this? It’s much simpler than you would guess. You’ll have to study your musical style and sub-genres as well as all the publications, sites, podcasts, radio and blogs who support them. You can find useful blogs with extensive music media databases as well as check out the Indie Bible to find the places you want to reach out to. This will definitely take some time, but it’s what will seperate you from the rest. Keep a list as you go and save it for future use.

Some of these sites will allow you to submit your links and news releases. You should take the time to do this. Make sure you are writing original news releases instead of press releases. There is a difference between the two. News releases are straight to the point and “news-based”. You will have much more luck with these.

Another good tactic; Music blogs have become very popular lately. You can look for blogs that support your genre on major sites such as The Hype Machine. These blogs do not always post review, which can work in your favor. They normally post mp3′s and sometimes full albums. You’ll still need to take your time and follow the basic rules in the next paragraph.

Most industry websites and publications will have submission rules to follow when asking for coverage.

DO NOT always follow them.

You simply won’t gain the amount of coverage you want if you always play by their rules. Some of these places get hundreds of
emails daily asking for features. You need to be personable, yet crafty.

It’s a very good idea to individually contact any reviewer or blogger who supports your style. Contact them letting them know what you enjoyed about their writing. Doesn’t it make your day when someone writes you about how great your band is? Well, bloggers and reviewers take pride in their work just the same as any musician. Most musicians don’t take the time to build a relationship with them. Compliment them and give them feedback on their writing. Then start a conversation, potentially about their favorite bands, or one you have in common with them.

In the next paragraph, talk about your band and ask for a review or feature. Be humble and appreciative. This will help more good things come your way.

You’ll discover that these tactics will gain you much more media coverage than almost any promoter.
Promoters can be very useful, but only the individuals who are connected to the business and have the top media a phone call away.

That’s how you market your music better than a promoter.

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James Moore is a Canadian music consultant and author of the independent musician’s resource guide “Your Band Is A Virus! Behind-the-Scenes & Viral Marketing for the Independent Musician”. His home page is and his blog is

Well, you’ve finally made the right decision! You’ve decided to take a stab at the wonderful ivory keys of the piano! The piano is one of the finest instruments in the world. An instrument that frustrates some, but produces some of the most brilliantly melodic, most beautiful, the most soaring sound waves in air that man has come to know. Waves that not only move your entire being, but are the essence of the spirit of art. This is just the beginning of your piano beginners guide. I am happy that your trip is on.

Of course, if you took an interest in learning to play piano, you might have been interested in it with classical pieces, or it may be possible that you took a hand at it in your life from early childhood. Anyway, if you read this, then it is my guess that you love the instrument as much as I do. This site will go through a piano beginners guide and direct you on what it means to play the piano, how it can help you understand the wonderful world of music and how it will develop you as a person.

Your guide to beginning the piano has to start somewhere. Somewhere must be somewhere big. There are many places and people there you can gain some solid information. Recently I found an excellent solution for what I say is the best place to start. And it is right here, on the Internet. I hope you explore this site and I also hope you find what you are looking for. I’ll try to help you in your approach.

When you choose your personal guide to beginners piano, you should evaluate the decisions you take care. There are many ways to go learn to play piano. You will have decisions you must consider in depth, as to how you want to learn the instrument. Would you read music? Would you just want to know the chords? Play by ear? There are so many ways you can go about playing. However, one thing is sure, you want to learn the route more efficient, and more effective. So what you need to know is how you get there. I can tell you there is a simplea simple answer, rocket piano.

I must emphasize that when you embark on this adventure, at times, a beginner at the piano will be met with struggles. You must understand that time is of the essence. And learning the most effective way to play the piano for beginners, will be the best. You can waste precious months on learning technical trouble, and the sad thing is, if you want to be as good as you’re capable of doing, we must unlearn bad technique (which takes time), and relearn proper technique (which also takes time), so if you learn the technique from the start, everything will flow much smoother. I’ll stress that you find the right way, right away.

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What if there was a radio station that played your favorite Bollywood music straight from the top Bollywood movies ever made? Well, there is! Cool 94.7fm is the number one Asian radio station in the UAE which has compiled the most extensive collection of Bollywood music. It streams live authentic Hindi songs from your beloved Bollywood movies including the top romantic music, family friendly tunes, calming meditational hymns and much more!

For the very first time, Cool 94.7fm introduces the Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) format in the UAE where it plays only top chartbusters and latest Asian and Bollywood music for its listeners. However, Cool Fm is much more than just Bollywood music! There are series of cool shows and ravishing RJ’s which will keep you engaged and provide you maximum fun along with maximum music extravaganza! There are six shows which are played around the clock each based on various themes. Listeners can listen to those cool shows, request their favorite song, converse with RJ’s and share their day to day experiences with them! Moreover, they also bring forth various contests and actions which allow listeners to stay connected to the radio and win loads of exciting prizes. Cool 94.7fm makes it easy for you to listen to all the latest evergreen Bollywood music. There is no question that Bollywood music is a broad term that encompasses multicultural musical favorites from South Asia to Bhangra and is sang in several languages including Hindi, Urdu and Farsi. However, Cool 94.7 is the best Hindi fm radio station in the UAE that is sure to satisfy your Bollywood music fix!

Radio is the next big thing and will reach out to the audiences through this new and entertaining medium. There is something for everyone on Cool 94.7 from retro Hindi songs to the recent peppy Bollywood numbers. Cool 94.7 strives to create a unique identity, which relates to UAE’s lifestyle of the young, hip, enthusiastic and responsible individual, by infusing 100% unadulterated fun into all the shows!

You can also listen to 94.7 fm online on:

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The development of the classical music in the world is surely affected by the development of Western music. The development of Western music itself is identical with the development of instruments used.

Starting from the medieval times until today, music has undergone huge changes. Changes in the music will continue to run over time where the previous work affects the work in the next era. At least, the development of music can be classified into eight periods.

Music in the middle ages (450-1450)

The history of Western music development began from the religious or liturgical music. The development of music in this time belonged to the ancient time. This music has been around since the Greeks and Hebrews.

Actually, this music was liturgical prayers that were released, so this music was strongly influenced by the activities of the church. The popular music in this time was Gregorian. In this time, the instrument has not been found yet.

Music at the beginning of this century was monophonic. It was dominated by a single voice. Composition was sung without the pressure and relied on improvisation. In the XI century, the existence of counterpoint technique was known, namely the use of harmonization with the movement of the opposite tunes with original melodies (inversion).

The popular composers in this century were Hildegard von Bingen, Moniot d’Arras, and Guillaume de Machaut.

Music in XV & XVI century (1450-1600)

Music in this century was classified into the Renaissance. It was still influenced by the church, but had to use instruments like the organ, flute, and harpsichord. The movement of the melody used kontrapung techniques, namely the movement of several melodic lines at once.

The existence of Madrigal (secular music that was sung without accompaniment), motet, Missa, fantasia, toccatta, and Fugue was also known. This century was called as a renaissance since it emerged as the development of knowledge and art.

Some characteristics of music in this century were polyphonic. In this era, people began to recognize the existence of four-voice choir that was divided into 3 types of composition. Those types were sacred (church), secular (non-ecclesiastical), and instrumental. The division of the melodic phrases was already balanced, while the vocal form was attached to the structure of the text or lyrics.

The composers in this era were Giovanni Gabrieli, Giovanni Perluigi, Orlando Lassus, Guillaume, and Du Fay.

Music in XVII century

Music in this century was influenced by opera and Oratorio. Opera was a musical drama which partly or wholly sung with orchestral accompaniment or instrumental music, while Oratorio referred to the musical drama without a script.

In Oratorio, there was usually a sacred element. Opera was originally pioneered in the Florentine Academy, Italy. Furthermore, the opera was known in France, Germany, and England. The popular composers in this time were Jocopo Peri and Claudio Monteverdi.

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Every person who has constantly heard of melody beforehand has dreamt of someday performing an instrument on their own. The guitar is probably the mainly widely held instrument to facilitate community want to become skilled at. The guitar is used to perform a varied variety of tune for the reason that of its wonderful sound and its amazing melody versatility. It can as well remain single of the nearly everyone sought after musical instruments. All it will take to discover are only some resources of easy guitar lessons and the passion to practice devotedly.

Not everybody has the schedule otherwise money to pay out on the traditional way to discover this instrument by leaving to a music tutor and taking normal lessons. You can stumble on a bundle of resources for easy guitar lesson offered on the internet. They can be present learned inside the convenience of your building and they’re a lot cheaper than usual teaching. Discovering the reasonable one can remain a little tricky since you’ll stumble on hundreds and perhaps thousands of these teaching on hand.

There are factually hundreds of information’s on the internet which will help to teach you on several of the top ways of practicing, and places to obtain easy guitar lesson. The internet group of people is a remarkable source meant for get a hold lot of no cost lesson. So why not take benefit and obtain by hand certain lesson on learning how to use the guitar.

What is so grand on learning to use the guitar is that you just truly to need to fully understand three or four chords at the start to start to perform a few of your favorite songs. A proportion of the songs which I have on paper were produced using merely three to four chords.

The hardest part of studying how to use the guitar is most likely at the initiation. You might realize the chords to be present little difficult to cope with and your fingers will be in pain from holding down the strings. You ought to be able to attain your harmonize and render the chords much more controllable if you commit it a small bit of period and exercise. Your fingers will too acquire the essential sturdiness and dexterity essential in the field of guitar performing.

I do strongly advise so as to you locate a respectable quality material to start on your easy guitar lesson. If you possess acquaintances that participate you can exercise with them and grind your abilities. As soon as you perform with your contacts it’s a much more enjoyable moment.

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If you are really serious to learn more, here is a bonus free report to help you learn guitar solo. This kind of information is really helpful and can greatly short cut your process. So it is better for you to get a good quality easy guitar lesson. Make sure you take advantage of it, because this offer will be taken down anytime soon.