The size of the djembe drum which you decide to go for will depend on your size, ability, and, of course, the music purpose of the drum. Djembe drums can be played whilst sitting down and also standing up, with the aid of a djembe strap. Adults should, generally speaking, have larger drums where the heads are 12 inches or more. Young people should have the smaller drum, with head sizes of 7 to 10 inches. To determine what size drum head you should go for you will need to place the heel of your hand on the rim of the drum – your fingers should just cross the centre of the drum. If you go for anything smaller your hands will be too large to achieve clean and distinct sounds.

Positioning of the drum between the legs is an important consideration when determining the best size djembe. Some people have short arms, and some have longer arms. One should make sure that the size they have selected matches a comfortable position from which their arms can strike out and hit the head from various angles. Some of the very agile are able to control the position of the drums, and actually move it, with smooth, minute squeezing and loosening motions of the knees against the drum’s body. It is possible to pick up the drum and beat it for an extra explosive resonance, by just using the knees.

Once the beginner has selected a drum size, he or she should spend a few days to allow their body to get use to drumming. One should play the drum from different positions, in the comfortable position of sitting down, to the awkward position of standing up. Doing this would help one fathom out if they have selected the right size drum. This brings forth the idea of the “Suzuki” method of learning music that was once popular. Little children learned how to play the violin and become familiar with the instrument by walking around with it while playing. The point here is simply that one’s body must get familiar with the drum. This is why size is important. The djembe is truly a spiritual instrument and one does not want to start off with it in an awkward relationship.

Size is an important factor to take into consideration when deciding on a djembe drum. Once this has been established you can then go on to decide if you would prefer a wooden djembe or a fibreglass djembe, roped tuned of mechanically tuned and finally the style of the djembe.

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What do Madonna, Sting, and David Bowie have in common? Besides the fact that they are all multi-platinum selling pop singers, they have also all had their drum-chair graced at one time or another by one of the most respected drummers in the world: Omar Hakim. Because Hakim actively plays a number of different genres of music, both in the studio and onstage, he designed his Pearl Signature snare drum to have a well-rounded tone which is suitable for a variety of applications.

When describing the tone of the Omar Hakim Signature snare, the two words that immediately come to mind are warm, and full-bodied, These characteristics result from the drum’s reduced shell thickness to 6 plies, which allows the shell to resonate more fully, and from the wood choice being mahogany for this snare drum. Mahogany is a highly-prized wood in the drum manufacturing world, and it is noted for its beautiful tonal qualities and boosted low-end EQ.

Ostensibly for the purpose of counterbalancing the sheer warmth of his snare drum with some high-end attack, Omar Hakim chose to reduce both the shell’s width and depth. The dimensions of the drum are 13″x5″ which makes it just small enough to be considered a “piccolo” snare, but still large enough to use as a primary snare drum, especially with the boosted low-end from the mahogany. The drum also looks equisite, and although I haven’t been able to get my hands on one of these luscious instruments as of yet, I know that I will be examining and worshipping it thoroughly when mine arrives- probably before I even play.

Is the Pearl Omar Hakim Signature Snare Drum Right FoR yOu?
With the Omar Hakim Signature snare drum, the Pearl company and the drummer himself did a remarkable job of balancing a variety of tonal characteristics into a very well-constructed snare drum. While it does not have the brightness of an aluminum or brass drum, it does make up for some lost high-end with its reduced size. In short: this drum works for jazz, for hard rock, for pop, or for any other style requiring a warm, crisp tone with lots of subtlety and dynamic range. The price isn’t bad either- listed at $599- when you consider that its a durable drum with unique tonal properties.

The Pearl Omar Hakim Signature snare drum is a top-quality choice for almost every style of music. I don’t know any drummer who wouldn’t be thrilled to have one.

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Are you looking for the best beat programs for creating music? Look no further!
This article will show you the two most popular products on the market: DUB Turbo and Sonic Producer. They’re by far the most popular and that’s for one reason and one reason only… they are the best!
Dub Turbo is basically a software program that is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), and features everything you need to make awesome rap beats, dance tunes, R&B tracks, you name it, you can create it with Dub Turbo!
Equipment in a studio would be way more expensive and you would get the same quality tracks produced.
This software program is for people looking for an easy and fast way to start making beats & music, without the worry of haivng to learn music theory, study production in expensive schools, or having to get a huge studio.
The software, however, is powerful enough to be used in conjunction with recording studio equipment! Many of the users are studio owners, and love taking beats from DUBturbo into their various other applications.
Sonic Producer is a really amazing new music sequencer that uses the latest cutting edge technology to create pro beats. Tracks can be exported to Mp3 with minimal effort. You can get access to music production tutorials which will help you get started creating beats straight away.
SonicProducer was designed for all ages. In fact, everyone should make beats! Not only is beat making an extremely fulfilling and exciting musical craft, but is easy to begin to do, and great fun to master! There is a reason why most people pursue learning beat making, it’s the best musical activity.
Both programs use a 16 track sequencer, they both have awesome keyboard sets, drum machines and synth-sounds, so that you can make a variety of sounds. Beats per minute can be changed very easily and each of the 16 tracks has a volume control of its own.
Both programs are user friendly and you can literally make beats in a few minutes. It will take a bit longer the first few times but once you get the hang of things you will be creating beats in minutes. You get extensive video tutorials and training that will help you get started in both programs.
So what is the price of the two programs? They both go for about $30. Most other good quality software for producing music is more expensive. Some programs cost hundreds of dollars. But just because these two products are affordable (cheap is not the right word), you shouldn’t think the quality is not as good as the more expensive ones. These two definitely give the most value for money!
There are some differences between the two programs. Firstly, the quality of the tracks that DUB Turbo produces is in a .WAV format. Sonic Producer, on the other hand, outputs to MP3. The difference is basically that the quality of .WAV is much better. It is actually broadcast quality which is what the pro’s use.
Secondly, DUB Turbo is a stand alone application that can be downloaded and installed on your computer. What that means is you can only make beats if you have your computer with you. That’s not a problem if you have a laptop. Sonic Producer is an on-line beat making program. So to access the software all you need is a computer with an internet connection. This is really great if you travel a lot and you don’t have a laptop.
Read my full review of DUB Turbo and Sonic Producer and hear some of the tracks that were created with the software, check my blog out here: best beat programs

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Easy guitar lessons are not easy to find in the market place. There’s nothing better than to be able to play an instrument like the guitar. It’s unbelievable how many different styles of music you can play on a guitar. It has never been hard to learn to play the guitar; the only hard thing about it is that you need to find the right and easy guitar lessons.

Try to find out which hand you use to play the guitar. Usually you use one hand most of the time, but that doesn’t mean you use it for guitar playing as well. Left hand to be used to hold the fret and the right one to strum is mostly used. Discover which hand you will need to play music on the guitar. This is an easy step in a guitar lesson.

What you need to do in easy guitar lessons is to get to know your own guitar. Imagine that every note you make is made by only strumming some chords on the guitar. You need to use the tip of your fingers to hold down the tabs to make the right note. Take a good look at your fingers while you are playing and strumming.

It’s not only which fret you are holding, but it’s also important when you play the notes and chords. This is how you make a good music. But first start with an easy song to learn to play it, because you just started to learn to play the guitar! Finger picking and other finger styles to play the guitar comes later. Don’t get upset, it will take time.

To be patient and a lot of practice on your guitar will help to be a good guitar player. The best what you can do is to start learning with a guitar tab because it will help you to get started to learn a song step-by-step. The numbers on tabs are from left to right. This will help you to know which string comes after which. Try to look in books or guitar magazines or even online for some tabs. You are ready to take a further step and take easy guitar lessons. Good luck!

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TI is a great entertainer but, when it comes to his judgment that’s another story. It’s one thing to be a hustler and live that life style when you have to. Getting money in the streets is a hard thing to do when you not only have the police to look out for but the people around you as well. TI has been in the game for a long time and even though he has made songs that suggest he is going to leave that life alone he can’t shake it! I love his music his swag but he must realize that he is a target and will be so until he is not rich anymore.

TI knows he is on probation and he also knows he shouldn’t be able to even smelling the streets right now. He was caught trying to buy hand guns. Key word GUNS. Just being in possession of a fire arm is illegal for a felon if he has not gotten his privileges back. If TI feels he needed guns he should stop being cheap and hire a bodyguard. It kills me to see him go down like this because knowing the police in ATL it probably was a bad stop. But if they catch you with something that makes it ok. He got off very, very easy with the guns case. Those guns could have gotten him at least five years for each gun and not to mention the bullets that he could have a got a year for each one! A year was gravy. They touched his pockets a little bit and smack his hand and said don’t do it anymore TI and let him go on his way.

Violation of parole is something entirely different. He has basically told the judge he does not care about his ruling or his sentence. This will be very interesting to watch. Even if his wife takes the charges and says the stuff was hers TI was still around a felon that he did not have permission to be around. TI is not a role model but he is a person that should know better. With TI’s record of being in and out of the system for a lot of his life, one would think that he would try harder to keep his nose clean. He should be tired of hearing those doors slam behind him when he walks in. Having to listen to people in the prison telling him when he can go outside, or when he has to go eat. I guess he just does not love himself enough to see a bad situation and walk away. Please wake up TI before it’s too late! Or is it?


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Southern Gospel music like most different genres of music have always been readily available through typical means of distribution such as big-box retail stores and small local mom and pop shops. However with the proliferation of the Internet and the vast number of new tools that technology has provided, Southern music online is at the ready 24/7. Accessing your favorite music has come a long way in the last 20 years, the digital age is here, and you have access to your favorite southern gospel music and artists at the click of a mouse. Let us look at a few ways you can access your favorite southern music today.

Online sales have become one of the most popular ways to purchase music online. Companies such as and Best and more allow you to visit their website purchase your favorite artists CD and have it shipped directly to your home. Online shopping in sales has skyrocketed in the last 10 years to a multibillion-dollar business and a huge part of that are online music sales.

Digital downloads is the next generation of purchasing your music online. Companies such as, and iTunes all have a comprehensive list of your favorite southern gospel music and artists ready to purchase and download in a matter of minutes. You can visit any one of these sites set up a free account. Select your favorite artists or individual songs purchase them with your credit card and you will be given an instant link to download your music to your computer.

Video is now on the rise. You can see your favorite southern gospel artist new videos on many different video sites such as YouTube and Most of these sites are free but there are other sites where you can access your favorite artists for a small fee as well.

Digital radio stations are one of the most popular venues for accessing your favorite southern gospel music. They run 24/7 just like if you were listening to your radio. You can simply access their website and begin streaming your favorite southern gospel music right to your computer in real time. Music websites such as and live all play your favorite southern gospel music 24 hours a day seven days a week or some have podcasts you can also listen to at your leisure.

Social media is the latest buzzword in online entertainment. Your favorite artists now can create their own sites and their own profiles with such media sites as Facebook and MySpace. This allows the artists to make their music viral and you can access their website and hear their latest music, view lyrics of your favorite songs and communicate directly with your favorite southern gospel artists.

Music has come a long way even within the last 10 years. Just as an example when was the last time anyone has used a cassette tape in their car. Just like the passing of the eight track, the cassette and eventually the CD digital music online along with the latest digital tools and devices such as MP3 players is the next generation for accessing your favorite southern gospel music online.

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The Invest in Futures Gala Dinner, took place at the Natural History Museum to raise vital funds to help disadvantaged young people into work.

The annual dinner, which unites recording artists, hedge fund leaders and financiers from around the world, raised more than £1 million for The Trust, the largest sum ever raised at the event since its launch in 2005.
Joan Collins, Dionne Warwick, FUSE (Linzi Stoppard & Ben Lee), Kate Aidie, Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster joined city high-fliers to raise record funds for The Prince’s Trust, at one of the most important fundraisers in the calendar. Grammy award-winning legend, Dionne Warwick, performed at the fundraiser, which was hosted by Clive Anderson. Supporting the music icon was the world’s most coveted electric violin virtuosos, FUSE, consisting of Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee who also entertained guests with their unique take on several classic rock songs.

Proud ambassadors of The Prince’s Trust, FUSE rose to prominence after their debut album last year. The only string group to be sponsored by Swarovski they performed on their exclusive crystal violins literally adding a sparkle to the proceedings. In 2010 Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee have performed live on TV to an audience of over 100 million plus appearances at GQ Men of the Year Awards, Glastonbury and London Fashion Week. The duo’s breakthrough debut album, ‘FUSE’ bridges the gap between classical and pop music and the album features 14 anthems including ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson and Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’.

Other celebrity ambassadors of The Prince’s Trust pledged their support by offering exclusive auction lots including a meet and greet with Lewis Hamilton and an acting workshop led by Kevin Spacey with Prince’s Trust young people. Sir Paul McCartney and Sting joined them by donating signed memorabilia including a Fender bass guitar.

A master class with dance group Flawless and a lithograph created and signed by the youth charity’s founder and president, HRH The Prince of Wales, was also auctioned off for the good cause.

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If you are wondering what is the best way to find duplicate mp3 files, your in the right place. Having copies of songs can be very annoying and also take up a lot of space on your computers hard drive.

If you are anything like me, or most people, you have a good amount of downloaded music on your computer. When you download music from multiple online sources song details tend to change and get mixed up. For instance in iTunes and Windows Media Player Jay Z and Jay-Z are two different artists. Having an unorganized music collection leads to downloading more duplicate songs because you can’t find what you want readily, so you download the song again. Lucky for us there is a very easy way to find duplicate mp3 files.

iTunes comes with a function that can find duplicates, but only if the song titles are spelled the exact same way. Now that doesn’t help much does it? That is why I use a much better iTunes duplicate finder. It can scan my music files and find duplicates and either delete them or mark them as duplicates. It works wonders, and I was even more pleased with the other features of the program. Here is a short list.

  • Fix Misspelled Song Details
  • Complete Missing ID3 Tags
  • Find & Download Missing Cd Cover Art
  • Organize Genres in iTunes
  • Fully Automated Software

This iTunes duplicate remover is solely responsible for finding all my duplicate mp3 files and clearing up countless megabytes of space on my computer. And now that my library is organized and every song is accounted for, I don’t have to worry about downloading any more duplicates!

If your music collection is a mess and full of “Track 01″ and “Unknown Artist” you can fix mp3 tags automatically in minutes!

Fix mislabeled music, download album art, delete iTunes duplicates, and complete missing ID3 tags with the best iTunes duplicate remover on the market. Click the links above or copy and past this url in to your address bar for a full review of the program and its features, complete with a video tutorial on how to use the software.

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Music is assuredly one of the finest arts that we’ll ever make. It can be both powerful and soothing, and one of the very few things that can alter a person’s mood greatly. It’s for this reason that so many people find themselves drawn to it, as it can say a lot more than what words can, even in a shorter amount of time. For most, the instrument of choice is guitar, easily one of the most recognizable sounds, regardless of what tuning it happens to be in. Unfortunately, it’s also a difficult instrument to play, making the need for easy guitar lessons very high.

Music is Love

Learning the guitar can be akin to learning a completely different language and it should be treated as such. This is noteworthy to state because people need to know that while it may be a little easier with the right lessons, it doesn’t mean that it’ll be quick. Some people pick it up a lot quicker than others, but most people can expect for it to take a little bit of time. Of course, that depends on the style of guitar, or genre. For instance, folk music is a lot harder than those who have a desire to learn blues guitar, although both can eventually be achieved.

In any style that a person wants to play, they’ll come to the conclusion that the best idea here is to be patient and find the right lessons. While there are many different sources that will be of some really good assistance, it’s really all about finding out what may be the most comfortable in your own opinion. This is extremely important, as a lot of people stopped playing guitar because they didn’t think that they were getting anywhere, and it’s easy to feel that way when a person is learning anything. When it comes to guitar, this is probably one of the worst things possible, as it’s really a fulfilling instrument to learn.

Invigorate Your Soul with Guitar

And not only is the instrument a lot of fun to learn, it’s also something that can help people’s emotions. It’s known to be one of the better ways for the person to relax and get themselves centered, and considering how busy some people are, the guitar happens to be one of the better things in a person’s life. No matter if you’re looking to learn bass guitar or a standard guitar, the joy of making music is without parallel, and should be taken up by more people.

Even if you don’t have aspirations of becoming the next big thing in music, you’ll still find that learning the guitar is a great thing to do. While it may not be the quickest thing to master – it’s all about having fun and enjoying yourself. The guitar can really bring about some pretty good change in a person’s life, allowing them to bring about some clarity and balance, as well as granting them the ability to step back and focus in life.

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Enjoy this article and hopefully you will get excited to learn guitar. You should also check out this free report which is great if you want to learn guitar songs It can really show you how to go step by step and learn guitar fast just like a pro. Go Ahead, make some noise!

Cheers. Tim.

House music is an electronic dance music style that originated in the early 1980s in Chicago, Illinois. It was originally made popular during this period in many discotheques that catered to various communities, including Latino American, African American, and gay. House music eventually spread into Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City. It hit Europe before going mainstream around the globe in the 1990s.

House music is strongly influenced by funk and soul-infused types of disco. This music genre tends to mimic the percussion found in disco music, but also showcases other prominent features, including electronic drums, pop and funk samples, synthesizer bassline, electronic effects, and reverb enhanced vocals.

There are many different stories behind how the musical genre got the name “house.” One story is that the title “house music” originated from The Warehouse, a Chicago-based nightclub running from 1977 to 1982 and was often visited by gay Latino and black men. The DJ of The Warehouse, Frankie Knuckles, said in a documentary that the name “house music” originated after he and some friends passed a sign that said “we play house music” and his friends joked that this was the type of music Knuckles played. A 1985 recording by Chip E. called “It’s House” may have also assisted in creating the name for the new music genre. However, Chip E. states that the name came from music bins at a record store that had music played by Knuckles and was marked “As Heard at the Warehouse,” which was eventually shortened to “House.”

Today, house music is celebrated. In Chicago, where it began, August 10, starting in 2005, was said to be “House Unity Day” to mark the anniversary of house music. There are also a number of fusion genres available today including tech house and electro house. House music is celebrated every year at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada.

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