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Sir James Paul McCartney, MBE (born 18 June 1942), is an English singer-songwriter, poet, composer,

multi-instrumentalist, entrepreneur, record and film producer, painter, and animal rights and peace activist. Formerly of The Beatles and Wings, McCartney is the most successful songwriter in the history of popular music. McCartney gained worldwide fame as a member of The Beatles, alongside John Lennon,George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. McCartney and Lennon formed one of the most influential and
successful songwriting partnerships and wrote some of the most popular songs in the history of rock music. After leaving The Beatles, McCartney launched a successful solo career and formed the band Wings with his first wife, Linda Eastman, and singer-songwriter Denny Laine. He has worked on film scores and classical and electronic music, released a large catalogue of songs as a solo artist, and taken part in projects to help international charities.

McCartney has continued to work in the realms of popular and classical music, touring the world and performing at a large number of concerts and events; on more than one occasion he has performed again with Ringo Starr. In 2008, he received a BRIT award for Outstanding Contribution to Music and an honourary degree, Doctor of Music, from Yale University. The same year, he performed at a concert in Liverpool to celebrate the city’s year as European Capital of Culture. In 2009, he received two nominations for the 51st annual Grammy awards, while in October of the same year he was named
songwriter of the year at The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) Awards.

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Do you often find yourself awestruck whenever you see your favorite artist play the guitar so good? Do you feel inspired to play like your favorite star? If you are, then look no further, you came to the right place. Follow the steps that are outline below and you will be certainly the best guitarist you can ever be in no time. They’re all so easy anybody can do it!

  1. Own a guitar. You have to have your own guitar. 
  2. Start with the basics. Whenever we Know the elements of music by heart like:
    • Timing. Always consider the duration and tempo of your
      notes to keep you from playing a premature or a late chord.
    • Volume. Pay attention about the loudness of your music!
      Even though how good you are, if it’s inappropriately loud or it’s too soft, it won’t be appreciated.
    • Range, pitch and tone; melody, and harmony. Do
      your best to play your chords precisely. It is very crucial to get this right.

  3. Choose a genre. Since music is a broad
    subject,you need to train your ear and accustom yourself to a particular style. Some of a few suggested these genres for beginners are as follows:
    • Rock
    • Acoustic
    • Jazz and;
    • Country

  4. Choose a learning method. You can either:
    • Hire a music teacher. Hiring a teacher usually helps
      you to keep motivated and focused. Your schedule is more regular and you are mentored in real time. The best part is that you can directly ask any inquiry without delay.
    • Self-help books and instructional videos. The advantage
      of these is that they are cheap and you can learn at your own pace without pressure. They are also always available in contrast to a teacher.
    • combination of both. If you have a lot of time and
      really determined to learn as quickly as you can, then you can complement your training with each other.

  5. Observe the fundamentals. Now that
    you are knowledgeable on the concept of music and guitar, you should
    now direct your attention on the mechanical basics of playing the guitar. Always watch and try to visualize in your mind what you learned from your instructor or have watched from the videos.
    • Strumming. Many people who play the guitar (or never
      learned to play one) claim that this might be the most challenging task in learning a guitar. Be mindful of how you strum according to timing and tempo. Relax your shoulders and be sure that your strum is hinged at your wrist, not your elbows.
    • Good posture and form. To minimize strain on the neck,
      back, and shoulders. This helps to keep you practicing longer and better.
    • Memorize the basic chords. No, there is no way you can
      skip this step if you want to play the guitar like a pro. Start with the basic chords like A, B, C, D, and G. If you think you’ve mastered these, memorize more chords. The more you know, the faster your exercises will be.
    • Start with an easy piece. You really
      want to play a piece because it is your favorite, but you often find yourself in hindered progress. If this frequently happens to you, it would be better if you played simpler songs instead to produce more satisfactory results.
    • Practice.
      As the common meme goes: genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Never give up just because it gets harder; instead, use
      the challenge as an inspiration to grow and improve. There are really
      few things you couldn’t do if you put your mind on it and learning to
      play a guitar is not one of them.

    Lastly, be patient with your drills and remember to always stay positive and the rest will follow.

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Watch Of Gods and Men Online

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That reference is the sole, perhaps pre-emptive, concession to secularism in this stunningly passionate and deeply moving film by the French director Xavier Beauvois, based on the kidnapping and murder of monks in Algeria by fundamentalists in 1996. The movie is in fact saturated with faith and belief, and part of its power is the absolute conviction of its cinematic language, an idiom of severity, austerity and high seriousness, imitating the spacious silences to which the monks have devoted themselves, and boldly supporting the validity and meaning of their dilemma. Of Gods and Men is a modern tragedy that doesn’t require the audience to share its belief any more than something by Aeschylus. It climaxes in a quite incredible “Last Supper” sequence, in which the monks share red wine to the accompaniment of Tchaikovsky’s Grand Theme from Swan Lake, playing on an old tape machine in the corner.

Beauvois’s camera does nothing but pan slowly around the table while this happens, minutely watching these men’s careworn faces as they absorb the mystery of their own deaths. It is an overwhelming fusion of portraiture and drama, and perhaps one of the most sensational things I have seen on the big screen. Many who have watched this scene find it overwrought, overdone, and the Tchaikovsky unsubtle. Well, maybe. But each time I have watched it, frankly, I have become overwhelmed with an emotion I can’t possibly describe.

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A friend told me that my face looked like Henry Thomas’s when he sees ET come back to life. I am almost tempted to say that cinema audiences should be required to stand during this sequence, like concertgoers during the Hallelujah chorus in Handel’s Messiah.

Lambert Wilson plays Christian, the head of a Cistercian monastery in Algeria: a spartan order devoted to contemplation and prayer. Their community has developed a happy relationship with the local Muslim villagers, based partly on the free outpatient clinic they provide. They have a quiet, supportive respect for each other’s traditions. But dark forces are gathering: intolerant jihadist forces have already murdered Croatian construction workers, and are rumoured to have the Catholic monks in their sights as the ultimate prize. Theirs is a regressive, brutal worldview – and a cynical police chief, irritably preparing to wash his hands of the imminent bloodbath, tells Christian: “I blame French colonisation for not letting Algeria grow up.” The monks must now decide: should they stay or should they go? Is going cowardice? Is staying arrogance? Is martyrdom their destiny?

Of Gods and Men strives for simplicity; cinema is usually about dynamism, attraction, ego, but this movie concerns the renunciation of these things, in art and life. But it is also about the question of how to act when this life is violently challenged. The one visual flourish Beauvois permits himself is a shot of a dead jihadist, murdered by his comrades; the foreshortened image is held on screen just long enough for the audience to register its resemblance to Mantegna’s Christ. Of course, this is a fictional account of a real life event; audiences are entitled to wonder if Beauvois is too respectful of the Monks and their lives, and further wonder if this account is tendentious or even propagandist. I can only say I found it thrillingly audacious, moving and real

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To have the kids hook to guitar lessons rather than those online games, it should be fun. There are so many available guitar lessons in the internet that are cool enough for the youngsters. Most lessons are carefully laid out in order to maintain students’ interest across the miles. The lesson begins with a very simple exercise of building the child’s confidence with the guitar. It will progress to more complex but very basic songs, tabs, and some amazing guitar tricks.

It is more beneficial if the module will contain videos or CD and some of the lesson may have the following discussions:

  • Familiarization of the guitar instruments such as parts and proper way of holding the guitar, holding the pick in the right position and may even include learning how to string and tune it.
  • Children may need custom-made size guitars that can allow comfortable practice and better grip. The right choice of an instrument can lead to a natural flow of the practice hours to build good habits.
  • Taking into consideration the kind of guitar your child will play because they are kinds of guitar to choose from. The temperament as well as the interest of your kid is at play in guitar selection.
  • Fine motor skills development while learning guitar lessons can be made through songs and lessons with the easy to follow scales and chords meant for each age group.

Kinds truly love to play with their recently learned skills, so keep on practicing with simple notes on the standard scales and chords naturally progressing of the song exercises. Parents believed in their children’s progress best supports the nurturing environment in this time of the child’s life.

Thankfully, a lot of articles and literature in the World Wide Web about children’s guitar lessons are excellent sources for lessons or parental support and guitar lessons online my email, CD or DVD with email and chat features in the program are all the rage.

There are simple online instructions that allow children to master the lessons at their own pace. Your kid’s possible guitar talent can be enticed to culmination by specialized lessons geared towards his age bracket and interest level.

Imagine how great it will feel to learn the guitar real fast! Click here to find out about guitar lessons online and soon you’ll be strummin away.

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To play Songs On Your Acoustic guitar

The real reason for most people to learn playing the guitar is because they desire to play and sing songs at home, at parties and at – well, at any place. We all listen to our favourites on the radio or CD in the BoomBlaster, and wish we could play and sing that way.

So – Right on, then. Inside another short article I’ve mentioned the four guitar chords that may easily give you the means to play thousands of songs. By merely figuring out four basic open chords!

And then, If we throw in a pair of more chords, we can add just as many additional songs to that stack, by using a second 4 chord progression.

The first four beginners chords to understand is G, Em, C and D. That’s not me going to tell you which finger to put where, since we all do things in a different way. The numbers show on which fret you put your fingers.

The Chords

Here is how to play the G chord:

E – - 3
B – -(3)
G – - -
D – - -
A – 2 -
E – - 3

I play the G chord with an additional finger on Third fret on the B string. It is optional, typically it’s not necessary to play it that way. Nevertheless I personally think it sounds good.

Now, on to the E Minor (Em) chord:

E – - -
B – - -
G – - -
D – 2 -
A – 2 -
E – - -

Unquestionably the E minor chord is one of the easiest chord to learn, aside from maybe Em/D or A11, in which you don’t have to press down any strings at all:-)

The next in line of the four basic beginners chords are the C chord. The “x” means “don’t play that string”.

E – - -
B 1 – -
G – - -
D – 2 -
A – - 3
Ex- -(3)

Often, to provide certain depth to the C chord, I hit the lower E string on the 3 rd fret. Absolutely optional.

The fourth guitar chord is the D chord.

E – 2 -
B – - 3
G – 2 -
D – - -
Ax- – -
Ex- – -

You won’t need much practice to play these chords as they are easier than you think to play. And the chord progression G-Em-C-D is found in so many songs you barely will believe it.

And two more

Now, to the two final chords, those I told you about that doubles the songs available to play. It’s the ” horrible” F chord along with the A Minor (Am) chord. The F sounds much better should you use the barre style, but I am going to show you the open chord as well, as it is much easier to perform for a beginner.

Right here is the barre chord. You place your index finger across all 6 strings on the first fret and next form the shape of an E major chord. It looks just like this:

E 1 – -
B 1 – -
G – 2 -
D – - 3
A – - 3
E 1 – -

It usually requires some practice to make this sound good. If it feels better, try this:

E 1 – -
B 1 – -
G – 2 -
D – - 3
Ax- – -
Ex- – -

And, last of all, the Am chord

E – - -
B 1 – -
G – 2 -
D – 2 -
A – - -
E – - -

With the F and Am chords you have an extra arsenal of songs in your possession. In case you play it in this order, C-G-Am-F, you will find tons of songs making use of this very chord progression.

Making use of a capo, you’re able to transform every song to suit your voice, there is really no need to learn new chords for that. Should the F chord is just too hard for you, there is another group of chords doing the same thing. They are G-D-Em-C, which you already know.

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Kings Of Leon tickets do sell out quite quickly so it is best to get them as soon as possible. There should be presale announcements on their official website so you can keep a look out for tour dates and find out when tickets are released. The tickets are often sold through an artist’s website as well as various other online ticket retailers. There are many of these around, so it is best to find recommended ones from your friends who have used them before or directly from the flyer promoted. It is a good idea to check the prices of each of these retailers and compare as many as possible. Some of them may charge extra for a booking fee or postage, and often add this on at a later time in the transaction process, so you may not be getting the deal you thought you were at the start.

Tickets for seats at the front of the stage or in a central location will obviously be more expensive. These sell out first as well so if you do want a decent view and don’t mind spending more then make sure you get online as soon as they’re released. Tickets for popular artists tend to sell out the same day, or at least within 2 or 3 days. If there is a high demand, then sometimes they add in extra tour dates, especially for London, but this is not always guaranteed. In the UK, Kings Of Leon tour across the country and play at many arena style venues. Popular cities for large concert tours include Manchester, London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Cardiff, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Sheffield and one or two dates in Ireland such as Dublin. There are sometimes dates in Brighton and Bristol but not always.

Kings Of Leon have had many number one hits including Sex On Fire, Notion and Use Somebody. These have even been used on television adverts so pretty much everyone has heard of them, especially the Sex On Fire song. They are a band to watch out for and are well worth seeing live in concert if you are looking for an electric rock show with lots of atmosphere and fans screaming and dancing all night.

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Whether you’re planning a national, international, or regional tour the goals are the same: earn income while promoting yourself in a familiar or new territory. Reaching out to fans and connecting personally at your concerts are the keys to gaining a dedicated fan base and generating buzz around your band. Admittedly, while overall comfort plays a key role in combatting tour fatigue and maintaining performance levels, sometimes comfort isn’t an option. If tour expenses are outweighing guarantees, try implementing some of these cost-cutting travel techniques tailored for the DIY, self-booking independent artist.


Couch Surfing:

Couch Surfing is the art of being hosted by a local fan or stranger and is the ultimate form of hospitality. Luckily, there are thousands of people willing to let you stay on their couches, floors, or in the guest room for free! When I said it is an art, I meant it, as it involves give and take and some time investment (as does everything meaningful in your career). Start by creating and completing your profile on as a group. Provide pictures, a group bio and individual bios in a very personable manner (ie. not your band’s promotional bio). Once you know the dates of your tour, contact potential hosts by sending a personalized message detailing your plans in the city, why you think you would get along, and let them know of any goodies you can offer in return. Possible host treats include adding your host and friends to your guest list, cooking a special dish, brining a unique something from your previous stop, and a copy of your album. Since most hosts can only accommodate a smaller group, if you are traveling with a posse, use multiple hosts. Be respectful, clean up after yourselves, and if there is free time to be had, it is very possible your host will show you their take on their hometown, adding a nice, touristic touch to your experience. The system works on references, so to build your credibility, try to host other travelers in your home city or at least attend local events. A nice side effect of hosting is creating a deep connecting to a a foreigner who then will potentially ‘spread the word’ in a different area or country.


Consider contacting your fans via Twitter or Facebook detailing the dates and city of your tour and asking if anyone would be interested in hosting you. Your fans are your biggest supporters and will often be glad to help. 
Check with any local bands that you are playing with to see if you could stay at their place. In return let them know that next time they come through your home town they have a free place to stay. 
If you can’t make any of the above options work, consider getting  a motel room outside of downtown that has a free continental breakfast and double up on beds. is a great search tool for this as it compares rates from many sites, or use Priceline’s Name Your Own Price tool and make the motels fit within your budget. will provide a similar experience to couch surfing, but you’ll have to pay a nightly rate. And there’s always the option of sleeping in the van…


First off, if your show is catered…enjoy! You may be able to pack some of the left-overs for the road. If not, try to limit yourself and band members to a per diem, remembering that there is no rule that states that you must use the entire amount each day. Saving a few dollars each day will add up, and by the end of the tour the less thrifty band members will stand jealous and amazed by the saver’s take-home.

The grocery store is your ally, and you can easily buy ingredients and meals so the whole band can dine on the cheap. Don’t always order a value meal at fast food restaurants, order only what you need and consider drinking a free cup of water instead of soda. To each his own on the health content of food consumed, but packing some multi-vitamins for the group can help keep your immune systems strong and performers feeling energized. If you’re really doing your planning, follow daily deals on (a deal aggregator) for your tour stops and you could quite possibly avoid paying full price for a meal for the entirety of your tour. Combine this with splitting large portioned meals and everyone is dining for a quarter of the normal price.

Take it easy on your bar tab (if you weren’t able to negotiate free drinks), spending up to $8 per beer each night will drain your income fast. If you must drink, consider saving the drinking for elsewhere where you can buy at retail. Besides, you’re at your merch booth connecting with fans right?



If you will be driving quite a bit, find out if there will be a plethora of Costcos along your route. Gas prices are usually quite a bit cheaper than the average station, and saving a few dollars on each fill up can mean a lot when we’re talking about filling up vans over hundreds of miles. A membership card is needed, so do the math to see if you can justify the $50 initial cost, remembering that it might actually come in handy for other bulk band purchases as well.

Credit Cards:
Many credit cards offer a ‘cash back’ percentage on gas purchases. Some are tied to specific vendors while others apply to all gas purchases. Find a no-fee card which works best for your band’s account and save up to 5% automatically at each fill-up.
Be sure to also check to find the best current prices in a given area.

Of course if you are a band, this is unlikely to work; however, rideshares can be another mode of transportation for solo artists to move about the country while avoiding the woes of vehicle ownership. The pros: no parking fees, less gas fees. The cons: can be unreliable, may be unsafe, timing must be less critical. Another major con is the non-existent to limited public transportation systems in American cities once you arrive. European tours and/or the roaming busker are better suited for this alternative transportation method.

Other Tactics:

Free wi-fi is abundant, but often there is pressure to buy a $5 latte to enjoy the privilege. To avoid paying data charges on each phone, forking over wireless surcharges at your accommodation, and driving in circles till a wi-fi signal appears, try using mobile internet such as the Clear 4G Rover Puck which creates a mobile hotspot and will allow up to eight wireless connections. Use this as your home internet service as well and essentially your connection travels with you on the road for no additional cost.

By implementing just a few of these techniques, you will soon realize that small savings add up to a much greater touring profit.

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Pop victory.

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Born as Stefani Joanne Germanotta on March twenty-eight, 1986, she’s nowadays referred to as Lady Gaga all over the entire world. Her claim to fame came not to long ago, when she dropped her very first cd Fame in August 08. On the album she composed the chart topping pop-single “Just Dance,” and this track propelled her in to stardom. Her exceptional nick name originates from music producer Rob Fusari. Every day, when Stefani came into the music studio, he start the Queen Song “Radio Ga Ga.” The name Lady Gaga was created completely accidentally, when Rob sent her a email that was meant to be named “Radio Ga Ga,” nonetheless the mobile phone immediately corrected it in to Lady. Hence the stage name Lady Gaga was given birth to. Germanotta refused to be called by her name from that point on, and goes solely by the name Lady Gaga today, and presents herself as Gaga.

After composing numerous songs with Rob Fusari, Rob mailed some of those songs to the pop producer and pop-music executive Vincent Herbert. After hearing the tunes, she was immediately signed on his pop music label, Streamline Records. Producer Herbert is being credited as the person whom discovered Gaga.Since Gaga was also skilled in the craft of writing songs, and mainly because she had been an beginning songwriter throughout a internship at a Famous Music Publishing company, she in addition landed a contract with Sony. She was initially appointed to create songs for already famous musicians and artists including the Pussycat Dolls, , Britney Spears, and New Kids on the block.

In the time of her stay with Streamline Records, urban-songwriter as well as singer Akon learned just how vocally gifted Lady Gaga is when she sang a number of vocals for one of his songs in the music studio. Soon after hearing her vocals, he assured the CEO of Streamline together with CEO Jimmy Iovine to have Lady Gaga sign with his own Konvicted label, Kon Live . At a later date, she likewise signed on with Cherrytree Records, created by Kierszenbaum, whom she wrote 4 songs with.As soon as it comes down to her clothing, Gaga is confident enough to surprise every single time she walks out the house. She can easily come up with the most unbelievable costumes, and yet still, they always appear to fit her nature absolutely, and the general public actually come to love her goofy outfits. Your lover can wear pretty much whatever and make it a very inspiring outfit, for example plastic bubbles, or even Muppets.

Gaga has claimed that Versace is her muse, and also some other famous brands, such as Gucci and Armani have all helped her to come up with her infamous styles.Prada’s outfits are actually showcased several occasions in Lady Gaga’s video clips, mostly in the music video Pokerface. Because the designers had largely inspiring along with shocking minds, it appeared to be no question she sought them out and recruited their help in creating her appearance. Most recently, Gaga was also named number one on the Forbes Top 100 listings.

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The Sennheiser IE6 earphones are tough enough to withstand the heaveiest punishment a mountain biker can hand out. If you are a hard trail rider and want to be able to hear your best beats then these are for you.

They are rugged and will stand up to the worst punishment you could hand out but that doesn’t mean they compromise on sound quality. These earphones give almost professional sound quality. The high level base sound are great for those thumping base licks.

I love to take a long trail and listen to my favorite tunes whilst losing my self in the open countryside. My tastes may not be to all likes but DJ spangle is all I need to get my rocks rolling.But whatever your musical tastes the Sennheiser IE6 will do the trick. The comfort levels are excellent as well. The IE6′s come with three in ear adapters for small, medium and large ears types. So even if you have huge lugholes these will fit you. They also come with a cleaning tool and a very durable hard case which will take any emount of battering.What you should with the case is test its hardness with some high level air jumps and reverse camber de-runs. It will scare the hell out of you but will shown you just how durable they are.

Lets get down to the tech bit. The IE6 earphones contain dynamic drivers and neodymium magnets which deliver fantasic sound quaility and definition, as well as powerful bass levels.They also have great attentionuation of ambient noise. The sllek ergonomic design ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

Inconclusion let me reiterate the tooughness and ruggedness of the IE6
earphones. They can stand any emount of trouble on the trail and still give you the high quality sound you desire. Of course they can be just as good for those trips to the urban jungle to drown out the sounds of the urban grind.

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If you are an absolute newbie, you might be questioning how to play a guitar? Yes, this is a typical query we all have when we begin playing the guitar or when we have a little interest in learning how to play a guitar. Let’s take a quick look at how you can play a guitar and some suggestions that may be helpful when studying to play the guitar. First of all, start with making a search on the internet. Search for something that comes to your mind. As an example, you may want to learn about the guitar instrument. If you visit a website totally devoted to guitar, you will know the majority of the issues regarding this fantastic instrument. Then, start studying the types of guitar you do want to play.

This is really the first step which you will have to understand the passion you have for guitar playing. With regards to pondering how to play a guitar, you should first understand what kind of guitar that you would like to play. For example, if you’re into classical music, playing the classical guitar could be the very best option for you. But if you are just searching for light entertainment, playing an acoustic guitar will indeed perform wonders for you. When you do your online research about how to play a guitar, try to find out the variations between the kinds of guitar and types of playing, which means you will understand what you want to learn at the end of the day.

Moreover, regarding the guitar and also the types of playing, you are able to also study the history of guitar playing because it will kind of boost your morale for engaging in playing for a long period of time. Many people go into learning the guitar but dump the whole idea half-way because they do not have sufficient devotion to what they want to do. This is so because they really do know absolutely nothing regarding what guitar playing is all about.Once you do your research on how to play a guitar, you can go out and buy yourself a guitar. Since you’re a beginner, you don’t need to buy a costly instrument.

You will find so many newbie models available for you personally within the range of $140-$150. These brands are ideal for your playing as you only require a great guitar whenever you move ahead through the instructions and get into an advanced stage. In the event you don’t have sufficient knowledge in buying a guitar, you can take a friend or a relative who knows how to select a good guitar otherwise you can take advice from your instructor.

As soon as you have the instrument, you are now well positioned to start playing the basic exercises and quit questioning how to play a guitar. I do sincerely hope you make adequate use of this article as it will enable you to master the guitar.

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