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At this very moment, a person somewhere on the planet is handling a musical instrument. They could be taking violin lessons, if not at regular intervals, perhaps for the very first time. Maybe you have considered learning the violin at some point in your life, maybe when you were in school. And now you’re ready to do something with that desire.

Stringed instruments, especially those such as guitars and violins, have been popular throughout the world. They are used to great effect in motion picture music and have been able to capture the imagination and tug at the heart strings of viewers who watch these movies. Whether you’re interested in classical music, blue grass, jazz, and even rock and roll, you’ll find the violin prevalent in all these genres.

When you were a teen, maybe you studied violin. Certainly, a lot of children did, especially with the wide spread use of the Suzuki system. Regardless of where you went, you saw dozens of children toting their violin cases everywhere. I certainly considered the violin when I was younger, and then I decided to go with the cello for a while, and then back to the violin I went when I realized how difficult it was to carry the cello everywhere I had to go.

If you want to begin learning the violin and you want to be serious about it, you need a plan. There is an overload of information out there about what you should or shouldn’t do, and everyone has their own advice. However, one thing has stood the test of time, and that is, you must have time to practice. No matter how talented you think you are or can be, everyone needs to practice. Even prodigies practice. And you should do it frequently and consistently. Don’t practice for 3 weeks straight and then take a month off. Instead, practice twice a week and keep going. Bring your violin with you whenever you travel. One of the great benefits of the violin is its size, so it’s easy to take along without much thought. And if you are concerned about your prized antique violin getting lost by the talented baggage personnel, consider buying an inexpensive practice violin and keep your expensive one where it is safe. If you find yourself away from your instrument for days or weeks at a time, you can resort to playing “air violin”. I know it sounds strange, but closing your eyes and focusing on playing notes may actually be helpful, and it certainly gives your fingers the movement they need in order to keep your skill level focused.

Once you can play basic tunes, consider recording yourself. There are few things that can help more than to listen to yourself and want to make progress. You’ll end up with recordings of yourself going years back, and it will be amusing to hearlisten to them and see how you’ve progressed through time.

Find other people interested in violin. Just like in tennis, sometimes it makes you a better player to work out with players who are more experienced than you. And if you are serious about the violin, it could be beneficial to nurture friendships with like-minded individuals. Not only do you share a common interest, it’s a starting point to even bigger and better things. Who can tell? For the single violin players out there, it might be the start of a wonderful new relationship.

No matter what you do, be consistent and keep making progress. If you can only devote a day a week to practice, make sure you do it it each and every week. Don’t skip. It might help to make people around you realize how important it is, and take the effort to do a good job. You’ll be glad that you did.

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Karaoke is new software that enables you to become a perfect singer at your own home. Now it has become a favorite activity for children who love music and want to train themselves at home to become a successful singer. It helps to take out the hidden talent from children who feel shy to sing in front of their friends and outside. In the advancing age when everyone has little time can practice his/her favorite hobby at home without going out.

On the internet there are so many different contests announced for karaoke singers that help to build confidence among kids and teens to show their talent in front of the public. It is only with the help of the karaoke software that many kids and teens have made successful career in singing and earning good amount of money.

You can practice your own favorite songs in your room and then in front of your friends. It helps to boost up your moral and gives the courage to many young buddies to show their hidden talent. Karaoke is a very easy step towards your line of success. You just have to click a button and find your talent and vocal gifts.

With the help of Karaoke at your home one day you may become the star of a bar where you can meet other people like you who may have a same story as you have. It gives you an opportunity to become a trained singer to perform at various occasions and get praise from your friends and family members.

Karaoke has now become so popular among the kids and teens that it has now become a gateway for most of the music lovers and who want to try their luck in singing. So if you are a music lovers then maybe singing karaoke is the solution and just the thing you have been looking for.

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Are you in this situation?

” I wish I had learnt to play the piano, but never did.”

“I had piano lessons when I was a kid, like most people. And hated them, like most people. And quit, like most people.”

“Well, first I studied piano. I wasn’t very satisfied because I thought my teachers were dumb… and repressive.”

“When I was young, I just sat down and started playing Chopsticks at the piano. I got so far and then lost interest.”

“The piano is a monster that screams when you touch its teeth.”

1) Your First Song is Your Favorite Song. Perfectly Fine

You came to the right place. I’ll show you how to remove your any old thoughts about piano lessons is “hard” and install the brand-new piano experience “fun and easy”.

You can see our world is changing by the digital products. Computers, mobile phones, social network,etc….But somehow the piano teaching style has been not changed so much from 18th century of Baroque/Classical era.

You might think playing piano is the art and has to be learned in the authentic way. Yes, you can. Because many teachers are still doing the same way, unfortunately.

BUT if you think “Mmm…I didn’t realize this fact…well I want to play my song now! I don’t mind trying the easy way, if I can play piano without any struggle, why not?”

2) How You Start ?

You can learn piano like you are joining in a new board game or you are exploring the computer. You experience your favorite song (like “Imagine” by John Lennon or “Your Song” by Elton John) first and get the feeling of what it’s like.

Forget the old common sense about piano lessons, I just want to let you know how easy and fun it is !
You will learn piano fast and easy using the updated and fun ways. Learn by listening the audio, reading the music and watching videos. You can play your piano instantly in your choice of learning style.

The practical lessons online and offline resources are available a lot in the internet. You’ll get free sheet music at your fingertips.

3) Why This for You ?

If you ever had a slight idea that you would like to play some songs, that’s a good sign. Because you can start your piano with one of your favorite song.

You’ll get the instant satisfaction playing the song from DAY 1. And you will feel like to do more. As a busy adult, playing

Your time is precious and limited. This ‘online piano tutorials’ will accelerate your piano learning process faster and enjoyable with passion for music. Joining in the Happy Piano Place will guide you to have fun now.

Music is another language which is the most accessible one to get for every people in the world. If you are in the music environment, you’ll learn naturally like everybody speaks his or her language.

If you’re a stranger to the piano learning, don’t worry. Every master was once a beginner.

As an adult, playing piano is a little-known healthy anti-aging secret. It’s a gentle muscle exercise, will improve your memory and much more. Music therapy is known for healing and learning piano is one of the greatest approach to make your kids more intelligent and brighter,too.

4)You are a Pianist!

NEVER TOO LATE to start piano in any age.

You are already a pianist. I wish you could get a nice start playing piano.
Welcome to this piano lovers world !

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Musically Yours,

Waka Shinko / Pianist, Teacher, Personality of “Piano123TV”

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“Start Piano with Your Favorite Songs. Fun in Your Fingers, You Can Play!”

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I once had a wonderful husband-wife pair working with me. He taught the accordion and she taught the piano. Both were extremely intelligent and communicative, but they were complete opposites when it came to professional teaching and sustaining the child’s music interest.

The husband was a maestro of the accordion who drew everybody’s admiration. But the wife always tended to stay away from the limelight. When I went to her lessons as a visitor, I saw that she couldn’t even demonstrate a proper example of a passage to her students.

But surprise of all surprises, at the end of the academic year in which both teachers had begun with fourteen students each, the pianist had all fourteen still with her, while the accordionist was left with just two!

My music school was small at that time and I suffered financial losses. In spite of the fact that the accordionist was a real maestro, I sadly had to relieve him.

His wife worked with us for seven years and lost only one student, and that too because the student’s family had to move. She often accepted students who were rejected by other piano teachers, and miraculously enhanced their music interest. Almost all her students graduated with an A or a B, and most of them even took up higher studies at conservatories and music colleges!

Many of her students did not possess high musical abilities when she enrolled them. But at the end of the music training, she had converted even mere stones into diamonds! She was an excellent music teacher and even other teachers learned a lot from her.

What was her secret? Her secret was that she understood each child’s psychology and gave specific music education as per this understanding as well as age. She took care of her little students like a hen taking care of her chickens right from the time they were in eggs. She ensured that her students maintained their music interest. Every child and teenager loved her. Her style was unique – she involved the parents all the time and assigned them creative tasks. Looking at the wonderful results, the parents were more than happy to continue doing these tasks for the benefit of their little ones.

So, her apparent weakness of not being able to show the correct manner of playing a passage to her students was immaterial. Instead, she used her communication skills and attitude to deliver the right knowledge to her students and keep up their music interest brilliantly.

I often visited her lessons being the head of this music education institution. I was always awed with her ability to change her own personality to suit the age and temperament of the student. I was so lucky to have such an exceptional music teacher!

To sustain your child’s musical interest, you need to play an important part in close cooperation with the teacher. The teacher will then take extra care to understand your child’s personality and suggest the best approach for developing and maintaining his/her music interest both at music school as well as home.

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Donna is quality.

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Born as Stefani Angelina Jen february 28, 1986, she is today called Lady Gaga across the whole globe. G’s claim to fame came very quick, at the time she dropped her debute project Fame in August 2008. On the music album she produced the chart topping music single “Just Dance,” and this track launched her towards fame. Her exclusive nick name came from pop producer Rob Fusari. Every day, when Stefani came into the music studio, he would start the Queen Track “Radio Ga Ga.” The stage name Lady Gaga came purely by fate, when Rob emailed her a text message which has been meant to be named “Radio Ga Ga,” but the smartphone automatically corrected it to Lady. Thus the nick name Lady Gaga was created. Rachida didn’t want to be called by her name from that point on, and goes only by the name Lady Gaga currently, and introduces herself as Gaga.

After composing quite a few tracks with Rob Fusari, Rob mailed those tracks to the producer and also record executive Vincent Herbert. Right after studying the tunes, she ended up being immediately signed on his pop-music label, Streamline Records. Herbert is being credited as the person who found out about Gaga.Seeing that Gaga was equally skilled in the craft of songwriting, and simply because she had already been an beginning writer throughout a internship at a Well-known Music Publishing corporation, she additionally found a contract with SonyATV Music Publishing. She was initially hired to compose songs for well-known musicians and artists that include the Pussycat Dolls, , Britney Spears, and New Kids on the block.

At the time of her stay on Streamline Records, songwriter and vocalist Akon observed really how vocally qualified Lady Gaga is whenever she sang a number of vocals for one of his tunes in the music studio. Once discovering her vocals, he won over the CEO of Streamline together with CEO J. Iovine to have Lady Gaga sign with his own Konvicted label, Kon Live Distribution. At a later time, she as well signed on with Cherrytree Records, established by Kierszenbaum, with who she co-wrote four tunes with.Any time referring to her style, Gaga is absolutely sure to shock just about every time she walks out the front door. She can put together the most impressive clothing, and still, they always seem to fit her attitude perfectly, and everybody even come to adore her wacky and out-there outfits. She can get virtually whatever and make it a awe striking apparel, for instance plastic bubbles, or even the Muppets.

Lady Gaga claimed that Christian D’or is her muse, as well as various other famous fashion designers, like as Gucci and Armani have all served her create her notorious styles.Calvin Klein’s costumes happen to be showcased a number of times in Lady Gaga’s videos, primarily in the clip Bad Romance. Because the couturiers had wildly imaginative as well as stunning minds, it seemed to be no wonder she picked them all out and recruited their aid in creating her own appearance. Most recently, Gaga was nominated number 3 with the Forbes Top one hundred listings.

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Commonly, Electric Guitars, alongside common guitars are match images of right handed versions of guitar. This means, these kind of guitars uses the guitar fretboard to the right, and the picking job has to be performed with the left hand.

They can make a multitude of sounds, along with tone -the correct timbre and also efficiency of the sound you can now notice whenever they play is definitely something which electric players obsess about. A fantastic melody gets the body to shake virtually completely on it’s own.

These can perhaps possess a split neck of the guitar and also fretboard that was bolted towards the entire body of your guitar. However, your electric guitar could possibly be constructed of one, strong wood.

They create a comfortable nice sound every time playing ballads. This particular Types Of Guitar are the best fitted for jazz, blues, rock, in addition to metal melodies. Conversely, classical guitars work best suited pertaining to Folk, Latin, Classical, in addition to Pop songs.

Their effects, utilized in guitar pedals, are exceedingly well-liked presently. Electronics sound along with electronic digital technology typically, supplied music expression fresh options.

Electric guitars can be obtained as low as $100, or perhaps up to $20,000 – or higher – due to this fact, expenditure is an awfully critical element. Generally there are specified brand names that are centred in different discounts segments. The Electric guitar strings also come in a lot of diameters or even in gauges.

Quite a few lead guitar players along with jazz musicians regularly prefer leaner (lighter in weight) guitar strings which are faster and even quicker to bend, while bluegrass musicians are likely for medium guitar strings to get more amount as well as greater tone for picking and also strumming.

They are not useful with ordinary microphones, though with distinctive pick-ups which sense the movements of the guitar strings, it works the best. Such pick-ups also detect the background electrical sounds of the room, the particular particular sound called “hum”, having a solid 50 Hertz or perhaps 60 Hertz aspect based upon about the site.

Visit us and get our of our high quality Electric Guitar Lessons. Remove the uncertainty of where to begin, we’ve got all you need to be a fantastic guitarist very quickly. Get effective tips from skilled guitar players and conquer the guitar world!

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Nothing is more aggravating than to choose a guitar teacher only to find out he or she claims to be able to teach all styles of guitar playing. I wanted to play blues guitar and it took a lot of mistakes to find the right blues guitar music teacher. Here is how to avoid the mistakes I made.

If you are a novice blues guitar player, you must start with a book or DVD course for beginners because only after learning basics will you be able to find that perfect teacher for your style. Such books or courses should have clear diagrams and pictures that give you a solid foundation to understand the basics of blues guitar playing. The reason for this is simple – how can you relate to a teacher if you are a total novice about blues guitar? You would not be able to relate to an algebra teacher if all you know is basic math, right?

This does not mean that you have to be a master player before you seek out a blues teacher. It simply means you should know the basics about chords, scales, fingering, and so forth. Just the basics are good enough to ensure that you speak the same music language as your teacher. I have to stress that learning this musical language is as critical as learning any spoken language. Try speaking English to a native Italian and you will get what I mean. There will be a breakdown in communication.

Think of the guitar not as an instrument but as a communication device. You will use it to communicate emotions to an audience through well chosen musical language (think notes) and musical phrasing. You will literally play a story to your audience via the music. Of course, if there are lyrics, they add to the power of the piece but, when you play that solo riff, you will be taking communication to an even more intimate level.

Blues guitar has a very special way of communicating emotion. Blues music is said to be the basis for most of today’s rock. Even rappers understand how a blues-based melody can generate strong emotion in an audience. Learning basic blues guitar is not always an easy process just as learning a new language is not always easy but, with practice and persistence, you will get to a level where you will be able to find the blues music teacher you need.

How Can You Find The Perfect Blues Guitar Teacher For Your Personality?

An easy way to find the perfect blues guitar teacher is to go where blues players perform. You will be surprised that many blues guitar players also teach when they are not performing. Listen to a set by the band. If you are impressed by the lead player, ask the lead player when they go on break if they are willing to teach you to play for a fee. At the very least they may refer you to someone they know who teaches the style of blues they played.

You may have to hear several blues bands before you find that perfect teacher so don’t give up looking. There is likely a teacher in your town that you can relate to. Now, I must say, I did find a teacher that way but, as it turned out, the hours he was available were not the same hours I was available. What did I do? I turned to the Internet and found the perfect teacher for the sound I wanted and who could teach in a way that I could understand.

Learning to play guitar, not just blues guitar, is a very personal experience. Many people, frustrated by a egotistical teacher or just the pressure of life situations, give up trying too soon. It seems that they just cannot master the first steps or they think that the people who play guitar well have some secret talent they were born with and we are lacking. Nothing is further from the truth!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not claiming that you can be the next Eric Clapton or Robert Plant. I am saying that you can learn to be an awesome blues guitar player in your own right if you stick with it, get over the beginning hurdles, and find the right teacher. I believe just about anyone can even become good enough to play in a local blues band and get paid for it.

No Such Thing As A Gifted Blues Player?

We have all seen movies and TV shows that portray someone gifted in musical talent. That is true to some extent. Classical pianists, opera singers, great violinists, may all be called gifted but, the truth is, all of them spent most of their waking hours learning and practicing fundamentals so they “appear” gifted. An NBA star, for example, appears gifted but we do not see the years spent on the court practicing free throws and jump shots. Gifted performers must learn the fundamentals before they can add their own twist so they appear to be gifted. This is the same with playing the blues.

There is a big difference between being able to play blues guitar and appearing to have a gift for playing blues guitar. The difference depends upon the amount of time put into practice and improvisation. You will be pleased to learn that even the great blues players are doing nothing more than playing from scales! That’s right! They know the scales and are able to improvise with the notes of the scales to make their own style of music. One style can make a gifted player while another style makes a mediocre player. And, worst case of all is the player who tries to copy the style of a great player.

Remember, I said that music is a personal experience! You must find your own musical style and express it. You must be different to be considered gifted. You only get to that point by learning the fundamentals and finding a teacher who can help you find your own style of blues guitar playing.

It’s pretty easy to copy just about any blues lick especially if you have a video and diagrams to follow but your goal should be to expand on licks to make them your own. A good teacher can show you how to use Clapton and Plant licks, for example, as a foundation and teach you how to add your own twist to them. In this way, creativity will be triggered because you will have the basics mastered.

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It cannot be denied that the progress of digital audio software has had a great impact on the world of audio production.It would almost be inconceivable to revert back to the days of purely analogue audio. Digital has brought great convenience and has improved and simplified the work flows within many audio production areas including online mastering. Most areas of production have benefited from the recall capabilities of digital software environments. Such recall means much less time is spent fiddling around with audio controls on analogue devices and instead all of the settings in a digital environment will be recalled with ease and high accuracy.

In the analogue domain such recall is time consuming and also not a accurate unless the equipment has stepped controls throughout.In most mastering studios you will find a mixture of both analogue and digital equipment as each has it’s own merits which in terms of audio quality. For coloured sounds (as in, those with character) analogue is king, it has the capability of having unique and ambiguous qualities which digital does not possess.

On the other hand, digital has convenience and precision which analogue is not capable of, however well designed the equipment is. So it is with the advantages of both it is possible to make great music masters. When analogue mastering is used it requires a stereo mix to be processed outside of the digital environment and converted back into a digital signal (file) for the distribution medium. This requires very high quality analogue to digital conversion and also digital to analogue conversion. This “ADDA” will normally be chosen for transparency and accuracy as the conversion should add as little distortion as possible to the audio signal. The goal is to impart the sonic attributes of the processing without any detrimental side effects creeping in at the “ADDA” stages.

Online mastering uses a combination of the 2 domains in order to rectify common audio problems and enhance audio tonally, dynamically and spacially to ensure that it translates as well as possible to many different types of playback systems. Online mastering remains a very important final audio production process.

If you are considering online mastering ensure that you make your choice carefully. I suggest that you check for studio and equipment photo’s, engineers background, recent clients list and avoid sites with just some graphics and an upload button and a payment button.Like any industry you should inform yourself with whom you are working.

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From the solo acoustic act to a 50′s inspired jazz band and everyone in between, there are multiple avenues to go about getting your music moved onto a distributable media, whether it be a record (yes, people still do that) a CD or digital distribution. For even a larger group, going to the studio to record is not necessarily the best choice anymore with the dramatic improvements in home recording technology. However, there are still some considerations that should be gone through when deciding whether to record at home or pay for studio time.

Scope of the Album

Most bands and artists can do most of the recording work at home. The limitations really involve technical aspects such as having the proper equipment to get all of the drums properly mic’ed up or simply having enough channels to get the basic tracks down. A big band would probably prefer to record live, with all players mic’ed up. This would be a bit more than the typical home studio could handle. However, with a little compromise, they could cut the album in a home studio situation; it just may end up lacking some of the “live” feel that jazz is known for. It’s all about deciding on the scope of the album and the feel that the album should present to the listener.

Deep Editing and Looping

For R&B, Rap and other styles that use loops and tracks mostly made up of samples, home recording is absolutely possible, provided there is someone available to do the looping, get the samples and put it all together. Even for a rock album, the number of layers that are on a modern album is staggering compared to the rock albums of even 20 years ago. The ability to take a clean guitar signal and transform it into any guitar tone in history from a home studio makes it much easier to add deep layers of guitar. Again, this requires special patches as well as the know-how to use them in the digital audio editing software.

The Hybrid Approach

Many musical acts are looking to a hybrid approach to the studio versus home studio debate. By allowing the studio to do what it is best at, they can get much of what they need done quickly in the studio cleanly and professionally. Then, the parts that take the most time; such as guitar solos and vocal tracks, can be done from home allowing the musicians as much time as they need to get it to where they think it should go.

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This article is written for people who have just picked up the guitar and are wanting to throw themselves into learn the axe in the best way possible. Well, like anything in life, this won’t be easy but it’s definitely worth doing – the satisfaction you get from playing the guitar is immense.

We will run down 5 tips that aim to keep you focused, interested and most importantly help you learn to play your new instrument.

1. Get a chord book

Either buy a book from your local music store or order online, a chords book will teach you finger positions. Remember that chords are the building blocks of learning the guitar – you cannot really progress until you have mastered at least a few important chords.

Additional tip: remember that chord diagrams are read left to right in the same way that you may look at your guitar fretboard front on.

2. Learn the lingo

I just used a word there – “fretboard” that you may or may not understand. A lot of guitar tutorials will use jargon but do not be scared of it – you need to know this to succeed. Don’t worry, there is not a great to learn; you just need to know your way around the guitar.

3. Learn your favourite songs

When I first started learning around 7 years ago I had a naff songbook that did not teach me songs that I actually enjoyed listening to. I soon ditched this and started to learn songs that I love. For me personally, anything by Oasis worked great because I was a huge fan and their songs are very easy to learn!

Choose songs that you love, and this will fuel your passion to learn the instrument.

4. Expect your fingers to hurt

Within a few days of constant practice, you will notice that your fingertips really hurt. This is because your skin is not used to being under constant pressure from a piece of wire. Don’t worry because your skin will harden within weeks and you will be able to play without pain but ONLY if you stick to a routine, which leads me to…

5. Stick to a routine!

Picking up the guitar for 10 minutes at a time throughout the day and having a strum here and there will not make you learn. In fact, it will hinder your learning causing you to get bored. If you set yourself targets – i.e. learn X song by Friday and practice 2 hours each day, you will find that you progress a LOT more quickly than if you take a passive approach.

I really hope that these 5 tips have helped you to gain focus on your learning of the guitar. It truly is a wonderful instrument, whether you are playing electric or acoustic. Good luck in your endeavours!

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