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A Holt Chiropractor has been recently opted to participate in a tournament very similar to Americanidol

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Dr. Walter Kittle of Chiro-Technology, is a bass guitarist for uptown praise band, an organization established out of Grand Rapids. Uptown praise has become identified by “best of the blessed” organization as one of the ten finalists to play in Nashville.
The most popular three of the ten music groups will be live on tv on the Christian music honours.
This Christian music awards will most likely broadcast live oct. 23, airing across the world to millions of people on the trinity broadcasting network.

“I’m so excited” Kittle e mailed from Nashville. ” Wouldn’t it be great to be on live TV”? Artists and soloists sent in clips and music to the contest many months ago, and tv audiences and judges kept constricting the field till the very last 10 had been chosen.
Kittle had said he’s got a desire for music coupled with an enduring passion of supporting others as a result of his work in health.
Kittle begun his career at Michigan State College with a music performance major and afterwards modified it to pre-medicine.
He continued to receive his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine and furthermore with various post graduate degrees including Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified Lower Back Specialist and is Board eligible as a certified exercise rehab specialist.

He founded Chiro-Technology Spinal Health Center in 1980. Chiro Technology is situated at 4064 E. Holt Road.
Today as our practice has improved, Im also able to spend some time “practicing” my very first love – music,” Kittle said. “This has become a deal for me personally, what a blessing.”
Kittle performs, makes up produces and executes a lot of kinds of music from classical to jazz. He plays 9 other musical instruments, and he has 10 types of bass instruments, which is his primary concentration.

Kittle said he has even been named “Dr. Bass” by local studio engineers.He was quoted saying he’s looking into the launch of his 1st album at some point in this year called, “BASSically Me” where he’ll be playing every one of the sections himself.
In addition to Uptown Praise Band he also performs with a local country group known as Rivers Junctions.
He has created and recorded jingles for nearby TV and radio and performed in the orchestra at The Wharton Center. Regardless of whether he makes it to the final 3 or not, the staff at chiro-technology will celebrate all week with snacks, drawings and prizes.
The workers encourages clients (current or past) and friends, to stop into Chiro-Technology and join their party beginning Oct. 25.

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Child Stars via YouTube – A New Trend to Discovering New Talent?

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A long time ago Citytv launched “Speaker’s Corner”. Anybody could stop by and verbally express their opinion about anything. Some people were actually singing, while hoping to get noticed and make it big in the music business. And YES…BINGO! The band “Barenaked Ladies” were noticed, picked up by music industry professionals and then the band made a very significant mark, becoming icons in the music industry to date. Sounds like a fairy tale, huh? But that happened and it’s real. However, at that time it was quite sensational.

Today, we all own computers and we all can easily and quickly access YouTube. In a manner of speaking, it is a “Speaker’s Corner”, but in the convenience of our own home or at our desk at work. With that to be available, the well known manager, Scooter Braun was surfing the internet and YouTube in particular, when he discovered a young boy who is now the well known artist, Justin Bieber. The “Biebermania” took off and along this premise two young girls (Maria Lourdes Aragon of Winnepeg and Heather Russell of Toronto, Canada) were recently discovered. Maria was discovered by Lady Gaga, who was fascinated by the little girl performing her song “Born This Way” and Heather, outright got a record deal with none other than the former American Idol judge, Simon Cowell. This modern technology already helped a great deal to launch the now huge teenage artist, Justin Bieber, and those two girls are definitely along their way to stardom as well.

In my opinion, it’s absolutely amazing, as the music business for the last at least 20 years became nothing but a factory of artificially manufactured stars. Those so-called “stars” were mainly picked by their looks, ages, right connections, and the money put behind their careers. We all know that a lot of so-called “singing” could be fabricated in the high tech studios. And if the budget is adequate enough, the production will sound quite profound. Now we have the looks and good sounding studio recorded tracks and then what? Then, the majority of times we have an artist who cannot perform live or nevertheless resemble anything remotely close to what has been recorded. In their concerts, however, they have very knowledgeable sound engineers behind the stage, which are there on stand-by to pick up the sound which was originally recorded to substitute for the sound which is hardly coming out of the so-called manufactured “performer’s” mouth. Then no wonder well known sources such as the Toronto Sun, start publishing articles about those fabricated performers, in this instance Taylor Swift, calling them outright and outloud “tone deaf”:

“Thanks primarily to her stunningly tone-deaf Grammy performance, Swift ended up being the big story on Grammy night — but not in the way she had wished. Critical opinion of her three-song mini-set — which included a mercifully brief duet with Stevie Nicks on Fleetwood Mac’s Rhiannon — ranged from the somewhat diplomatic “painfully out of tune” to the slightly more pointed “off-key caterwauling.”-Darryl Sterdan

Justin Bieber, however,and the two new young female rising stars are truly and naturally talented. They were chosen for the right reasons and thus, hopefully down the road, they will not destroy our ears and turn us away from the concert arenas. However, being a vocal educator for over 3 decades, in my opinion the talent has to be supported with the proper knowledge, especially when it’s concerning the human voice.

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Diana Yampolsky B.M. Ed
Master Vocal Coach/In-studio Vocal Producer/Non-surgical Voice Repair Specialist
Talent Scout, Artist Development and Artist Management
RPVS division of: 4 AM Talent Development and Artist Management
1-888-229-TUNE (8863) toll free in N.A.

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Listen to websites music and radio on the internet

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I remember when I had my first internet connection on and I would just delve on to any site that I could find while surfing. Because I was very much interested in music, I would be on music websites all day long. One of my favorite websites is Since I discovered it back in 2005, it was different that it is now, sporting a different design. What I loved about it is that you could listen to practically huge parts of songs that would go up to maximum 2 minutes, before you would purchase them. This made me very happy, as I was able to discover a lot of good music and know what I am buying before paying for it.

Another place you can listen to music is Rhapsody. I am living in Romania and cannot use it now, for it is not available in my country. But I used a tool that hid my IP and could finally listen to music on it. The joy here is that you can listen to full songs that are bitrated at 128k. Not bad. The website has an incredible collection and you will definitely find what you’re looking for here.

Another place to listen to music online is iTunes. An amazing library of over 11 million songs will definitely find your favorite one among them. The great use of such websites is that they will help you know how the music you want to get sounds, before actually paying for it.

If you are looking for a good radio station that you will be able to listen online, then I recommend you the Hearts of Space. This radio on the internet is very much famous and since it has been airing, it has changed the way people perceive the radio and also the music that you can listen to it. Basically, it is a music radio that features no commercials and only the best music that you will ever hear in your life.

There are many artists that you will not know about when you will take your first listen of it and slowly, in time, as you will get accustomed to this type of music, you will see that the music you once took the time to listen was crappy (usual crappy radio music, TV music videos, etc) and that this is the music that really matters and should be extolled.

In order to listen to this type of music, you require having a good attention span, patience and having a thing for mysterious music. Some of my favorite artists number Jeff Pearce, Ashera, Hammock, Sounds from the ground, Soundflowers, William Basinsky and many, many more. I discovered Max Richter recently and if you love modern classical music, this is the best artist out there, along with Jóhann Jóhannsson that you could check out.

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Learning Acoustic Guitar

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There is no better way to put your talent and heart to good use than by learning how to play an acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar is a versatile tool among many musicians of different genres and learning how to play such an instrument can be a very rewarding.

Passion and drive are the key to learning how to play any kind of instrument. Having focus and determination will also contribute to how successful you may become. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


If you want to play the guitar, you’ll need a guitar.

Watch for these while searching for that perfect guitar.

1. Type of Wood Used – Pay attention to the type of wood used for your guitar. Heavier varieties, such as mahogany, give more sustain than woods such as ash or alder. The biggest downside of guitars made of such heavy wood is that they are indeed heavier than other varieties and can take a toll on your back if you have to play standing up for long periods of time.
2. Frets. Pay attention to the number of frets a prospective guitar has. Some come with either21, 22 or 24 frets. Guitars with 21 frets are more stable than the guitars with 24 frets, but if you dream of soloing on your guitar then 24 frets are more useful.
3. Strings. Consider the type of strings being used on your guitar. If you like to play on low tunings, then you’ll need heavy gauge strings so that the strings don’t become too slack. If you solo a lot, then you’ll need lighter gauge strings such as 9′s, so that string bending becomes easier.


It’s just as important to get good instruction as it is to find a good guitar. Those who really want to learn how to play in short order, they can enroll in guitar lessons at a nearby music studio or find a private instructor. If the budget is tight and you don’t have the means to pay for an instructor, there are various software programs available online that can help you learn the basics. By using the internet, you can save a lot of money and even time. Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of online guitar courses. The bottom line is you need instruction in one form or another to learn.


Scheduling regular practice time is crucial to your quick success at learning the guitar. You must realize that learning an instrument does not happen overnight and requires a lot of patience, hard work, and determination. With regular practice you will surely improve. It is also advisable to take some breaks during practice. An hour of practice a day with ten to fifteen minutes break will not exhaust your energy. But the ultimate catch is that during the span of time given for you to practice you have to focus and give your best shot.

Find your Passion

Finding songs to practice that you are passionate about is a great way to help motivate you to keep learning the guitar. Having your favorite songs will also make the experience more enjoyable.

Play with Friends

Encourage your friends to practice and play with you. It’s a much more fun and thrilling experience if you can play your acoustic guitar with your friends around. The actual core curricula required to learn the guitar wouldn’t be boring if there was a bunch of you all trying to learn together. Learning and practicing in their company can be fun as well.

Music is certainly a wonderful outlet and an acoustic guitar is a perfect musical instrument to play because of its versatility. Since the instrument is very handy and very portable, you can bring it anywhere you want and play the music that you enjoy.

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Useful information on how to Learn acoustic guitar and also How to play guitar

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Different Types of Bach Student Trumpets for Sale

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The Bach TR300H is an exceptional student’s trumpet from Bach and has been made especially for beginners under the direction and guidance of Bach himself. This trumpet has said to set the criterion for student’s trumpets. The features of the TR300H include Monel metal piston valves with one point nylon valve guide for noise free operation. The Monel piston valves are smoother and more robust. Student trumpet players are already under pressure to produce the correct sound and need all their concentration on their lessons. Under such circumstances, even minor things can distract the students; one of these being able to hold the trumpet properly. The adjustable third slide ring has been especially added to help in holding the trumpet properly. The Bracing regulates the intonation, blow and tone. The TR300H Bach student trumpet is of great quality and can be purchased at a relatively low price point.

Bach TR500 is another student model trumpet though it can also be used as a step-up trumpet. It exhibits the same superior sound production and quality construction properties which are the hallmark of all Bach trumpets but has been designed with affordability in mind. It has a medium-large bore which allows the player to blow more air and produces a slightly darker sound. Most musicians prefer a medium large bore and that is why the Bach TR500 is recommended by instructors and teachers. The two piece yellow brass bell is responsible for a quick fine balanced response. This model also has an adjustable third slide finger ring. There are two water keys to drain out the any condensation that may form. First slide thumb hook and great valve action are other useful features of the Bach TR500 trumpet. The mother-of-pearl finger buttons add a touch of class to this fine instrument. You can get a good deal on this fabulous Bach student trumpet from many online stores.

Another student’s trumpet model from Bach is the Bach Prelude TR711. The Prelude series was launched when Bach joined hands with Conn-Selmer. This trumpet is ideal for beginners because of its quality construction, great tone, excellent intonation, ease of playability and great valve action. Highly recommended by instructors and teachers, this trumpet is a result of extensive research on a student’s requirements and capabilities. Main features of this trumpet include a 0.459 inch medium-large bore and nickel-plated nickel silver pistons, adjustable third slide finger ring, two water keys, first slide thumb hook and a two piece yellow brass bell. It comes in a clear lacquer finish. The online stores offering Bach student trumpets for sale have brought this high-end instrument within everyone’s reach.

For progressing students, Bach has produced the TR200. Great performance, wonderful sound and durability are some features of this outstanding trumpet, from an outstanding company. For excellent tone, response and sound projection, the TR200 has a 0.459 inch medium-large bore, a two piece hand hammered yellow brass bell, Monel valves for even action, two point nylon wave guides and an adjustable third finger ring with adjustable slide stop and comes in an attractive clear lacquer finish.
Please see our Author’s box below for incredible Bach Student trumpet offers, and other exciting news of what students need to know before they purchase a student trumpet.

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Hip Hop Drum Beats

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HipHop music is next generation’s favorite, although, that doesn’t mean its not working with the middle aged music enthusiasts. It’s true that people of all age groups are admiring the hip hop beats and
music, however, this genre of music is more connected to the young bloods. HipHop today is more of a culture than a just a music genre. It includes a particular way of dancing, styling and even speaking.
Also, if you checkout the HipHop beats then they sound distinctly. HipHop has zero connection with the other genres of music, and perhaps that is why it’s equally accepted by the audiences, the way they
appreciated the other tones of music.

If we get deep into the details of HipHop, we’ll witness its sheer categories, which are sampling, DJing, rapping and beat boxing. All these categories are cool and majorly liked by the youngsters. However,
the soul of HipHop lies in the drum beats that unquestionably plays a vital role in the production. The hip hop drum beats are somewhere not the quintessential drum beats as it retains a persuasive element
that smoothly fits in this genre of music and singing.

A hip hop drum beats machine is basically an electronic musical instrument that can effortlessly synthesize and loop the sound to produce beat patterns. Apart from hip hop, there are other genres of
music as well that beautifully takes the advantage of this electronic drum machine, however, it’s best suited for hip hop. The need of absurd and weird sounds and noises is more in hip hop, probably this is
reason why the origination of electronic drum machines pushed the popularity of hip hop drum beats, which further also influenced the other renowned genres of music as well.

At present, the groovy hip hop drum beats are being extracted from two types of drum beats – Hardware and Software. But truthfully, the origination and evolution of the software drum types has
almost overpowered the hardware drums, however, on the stage shows and live performances, the percussionists still beats the hardware drums and plates to electrify the crowd. The accuracy of the
sound beats is quite satisfactory in the hardware drums; however, the only drawback is that it has somewhere lost its popularity over its software contemporary.

Now, if we attribute towards the software drum then it’s unquestionably more versatile and gives more alternatives to the composers to be innovative and highly creative. Apart from the hip hop drum
beats, a software version offers wide range of sounds; programming, sampling, looping and synthesizing capabilities coupled with the other modernized characteristics.

In the recent times, hip hop genre has demanded brisk alterations in the quality of drum beats and related music, which was successfully met by the software version. And this has elevated the esteem of
software drum type instantly. Although, that doesn’t mean hardware drums are outdated, performers even today can’t afford to use the software version on stage while performing live. But the real fact
is that the usage of software and hardware version completely depends on the requirements and situation.

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Guitar Lessons For Newbies

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Guitar lessons for newbies are about the basic of learning to play the guitar. It will help you to start your own guitar career, and to learn how to play your favourite song on your guitar is the best feeling ever. Then you are free to play your emotions on the acoustic shredder and make your own music. To play the guitar takes time and a little patience, if you make a plan you will be able to see how much you learn. Start with the easy songs and practice.

Articles for newbies are the best and basic way to start before starting a guitar lesson. It will help you to get a step-by-step lesson. The best advice is take your own time and look for the best lesson that’s good for you. The best are online; they got a free trial as well, this way you can learn quickly.

Starting to learn with the guitar lessons for newbies is the best help to make a big step and when you know the basics you can start to learn and play the bass guitar or electric guitar. But before you start heading into the electric guitar arena, I would advise to start on the acoustic first if you are a beginner.

When you wish to learn the basics of the guitar you need to be able to stay focused and keep in mind that you want to finish to course and play the guitar like the best guitarist. If you choose to learning with online guitar lessons and you have a bit of problem to keep up with the videos, just stop it and practice a little in your own time until you manage and look at the lesson again. Hope this guitar lessons for newbies guide helped you to get a hint of guitar lessons.

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How to Buy a Guitar (Safely) Online

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Ideally you’ll be able to buy your guitar at a local music store. But that’s not always possible. For a variety of reasons, you may want to buy your guitar online. The good news is, there are a number of reputable online music stores that sell guitars. According to Music Trades, in 2009 hundreds of thousands of new guitars were purchased worldwide from online retailers.

Buying Your Dream Guitar Online

Follow these guidelines when buying your guitar online.

  • Buy from a reputable guitar retailer. A reputable retailer can be an online music store like Musician’s Friend, a national mortar-and-bricks chain store like Guitar Center, or a one-location mortar-and-bricks music store like Elderly Instruments in Lansing, Michigan. (See the section below, “Is this guitar seller reputable?” You can even by guitars at
  • Verify a minimum 30-day money-back guarantee. Most state laws require online retailers to offer a minimum, 30-day return policy. If the retailer’s site states a less-than 30-day return, I’d find another retailer.
  • Find the phone number. Most online retailers will have a phone number. If you’re making a major purchase, give the number a call. Who are you talking to? Is it a call center? Or is it someone at the actual store location, or shipping location?
  • Pay with a credit card. If anything goes wrong and there’s a charges dispute, you can possibly get the credit card charges reversed. Such disputes will be harder to resolve if the money has already been taken out of your account. (This should not be a factor if you follow the first tip.)
  • Save the packing materials. Carefully unpack your guitar and keep the box and shipping materials intact until you’re sure everything is OK and you won’t be sending the guitar back for whatever reason.
  • Factor in the price of a setup. When buying a guitar sight unseen, I’d factor in the cost of a guitar set-up. Perfectly good guitars that are unplayable can play like a dream after a set up. This typically includes minor adjustments to the neck, bridge, nut and frets. Setting up an acoustic guitar is more involved than setting up an electric guitar, so expect to pay more. Call a local shop and find out the cost of a new-guitar set up. (My local music store set up my electric guitar for $30 plus the price of the new strings.)

Buy Your Guitar From a Reputable Vendor
If you’re buying your first guitar, you may not recognize some of the name-brand retailers. Here are some ways to determine an online seller’s reputation.

  • Is the site popular? Check the seller’s site at Alexa. Never heard of At Alexa, type <em></em> into the search box and hit Enter. Click <em>Get Details</em> and you’ll see the site’s current traffic rank and, in some cases, customer reviews and when the site went online.
  • Who is this retailer, how long have they been online? It’s important to know who you’re buying from and how long they’ve been around. If an Alexa search didn’t provide how long the retailer has been online, go to Internic Whois and enter the <em>domain name</em> (e.g.,

Note: While a site with high traffic suggests a reputable retailer, the converse is not true. There are some excellent, small music stores that sell guitars online, but won’t show up as major online retailers. The more important number is the number of years online.

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Jim Dunkerley is an avid guitar player and music lover. He discusses all things guitar at

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Wireless Internet Access Connects Music Fans with Kansas City Jazz

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Years ago, Kansas City, Missouri was famous for its amazing jazz scene. The city was home to many of the greatest jazz musicians throughout history, and to this day, there are still a number of great jazz clubs around. Jazz fans from all over the world come to Kansas City to visit some historic landmarks and to take in jazz music from the latest generations. After visiting various museums and concert halls, however, many people want to make sure they can continue listening to such great jazz music even after they leave Kansas City and return home. Fortunately, it’s much easier to get access to all of that music thanks to the increasing popularity of wireless internet networks.

Today, it is possible to get access to music created by the biggest names in jazz history as well as music created by no-name jazz artists. Whether you want to listen to some of the most popular jazz songs of all time, or a little-known jazz song that you just heard while visiting Kansas City, your best chance of finding that music is by looking online. Many different retailers like iTunes and Amazon make it easy for people to get access to hundreds of thousands of different songs and music artists. With your wireless internet connection, you can visit either of those company’s websites, search for music by the artist, song title or genre, and you are bound to find what you are looking for. Many songs cost less than a dollar, especially little known and older songs, but some songs cost closer to $1.50. Still though, most jazz fans will find that the songs are affordable enough to fit into their budget. If you’re a big music fan and you’re going to be downloading a lot of songs, then you’ll want to make sure you have a fast internet connection. The fastest connections that are available these days are 4G Wi-Fi service, which incredibly, is four times quicker than 3G internet and even faster than other Wi-Fi options. With that kind of extra speed, you can download songs much faster and more reliably.

Some music fans don’t want to download songs online, but they can still benefit from speedy Wi-Fi service. There are many websites that allow visitors to stream music for free so jazz fans can listen to plenty of songs without paying anything as long as they stay online. Additionally, many jazz fans really like to watch music videos so they can see their favorite artists performing, and with wireless internet service, you can watch all kinds of music videos through YouTube or MySpace. No matter what kind of music fan you are, it’s easy to see that most content is available online these days, so wireless internet access is the best resource available for big music fans because there is just so much content online. After you’ve visited Kansas City, the jazz music mecca, you’ll appreciate having good Wi-Fi service so you can get access to the best music of today and yesterday.

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Learning The Piano At A Young Age

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If you want your child to be musically inclined when they grow up you might want to start off their musical education with learning the piano. The basics that they will learn from a good piano teacher will last them a lifetime.

A well rounded music teacher will not only teach your child how to read music but will also teach them the value of discipline. It is not enough to just spend a couple of minutes a day plunking away at the keys of a piano and then run outside to play. To become successful, a child needs to know that it is going to take hard work and discipline. This is an incredibly valuable life skill for a child to learn, especially at a young age. The sense of accomplishment that they will achieve will do wonders for their self esteem.

They may not enjoy the process at the time, but when they have successfully managed their scales or learned an entire song, they will realize that all of their hard work was worth it. All the time that they are learning each key on the piano they will think that they are simply being talk musical keys. It will not be until much later in life that you were actually using their piano instructor to teach them a life lesson. If you want something bad enough you have to be willing to put in the time and really work for it.

When it is all said and done, your child will know how to play a musical instrument and will be a stronger more confident child because of it. If the piano is not their instrument of choice, find one that inspires them and run with it. Not every child is cut out to excel at piano. Just pray that they are not interested in drums and you will be all right.

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