What if there was a radio station that played your favorite Bollywood music straight from the top Bollywood movies ever made? Well, there is! Cool 94.7fm is the number one Asian radio station in the UAE which has compiled the most extensive collection of Bollywood music. It streams live authentic Hindi songs from your beloved Bollywood movies including the top romantic music, family friendly tunes, calming meditational hymns and much more!

For the very first time, Cool 94.7fm introduces the Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) format in the UAE where it plays only top chartbusters and latest Asian and Bollywood music for its listeners. However, Cool Fm is much more than just Bollywood music! There are series of cool shows and ravishing RJ’s which will keep you engaged and provide you maximum fun along with maximum music extravaganza! There are six shows which are played around the clock each based on various themes. Listeners can listen to those cool shows, request their favorite song, converse with RJ’s and share their day to day experiences with them! Moreover, they also bring forth various contests and actions which allow listeners to stay connected to the radio and win loads of exciting prizes. Cool 94.7fm makes it easy for you to listen to all the latest evergreen Bollywood music. There is no question that Bollywood music is a broad term that encompasses multicultural musical favorites from South Asia to Bhangra and is sang in several languages including Hindi, Urdu and Farsi. However, Cool 94.7 is the best Hindi fm radio station in the UAE that is sure to satisfy your Bollywood music fix!

Radio is the next big thing and will reach out to the audiences through this new and entertaining medium. There is something for everyone on Cool 94.7 from retro Hindi songs to the recent peppy Bollywood numbers. Cool 94.7 strives to create a unique identity, which relates to UAE’s lifestyle of the young, hip, enthusiastic and responsible individual, by infusing 100% unadulterated fun into all the shows!

You can also listen to 94.7 fm online on: http://www.cool947.com

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Walley Thomas is a Cool FM with one of the UAE.They are provide 94.7 FM radio, lets get loud – Walley Thomas has experienced them all in Dubai and in the neighboring states. Through his writings and Institute, he creates awareness for the different aspects of Dubai that people far and wide come to enjoy.

The development of the classical music in the world is surely affected by the development of Western music. The development of Western music itself is identical with the development of instruments used.

Starting from the medieval times until today, music has undergone huge changes. Changes in the music will continue to run over time where the previous work affects the work in the next era. At least, the development of music can be classified into eight periods.

Music in the middle ages (450-1450)

The history of Western music development began from the religious or liturgical music. The development of music in this time belonged to the ancient time. This music has been around since the Greeks and Hebrews.

Actually, this music was liturgical prayers that were released, so this music was strongly influenced by the activities of the church. The popular music in this time was Gregorian. In this time, the instrument has not been found yet.

Music at the beginning of this century was monophonic. It was dominated by a single voice. Composition was sung without the pressure and relied on improvisation. In the XI century, the existence of counterpoint technique was known, namely the use of harmonization with the movement of the opposite tunes with original melodies (inversion).

The popular composers in this century were Hildegard von Bingen, Moniot d’Arras, and Guillaume de Machaut.

Music in XV & XVI century (1450-1600)

Music in this century was classified into the Renaissance. It was still influenced by the church, but had to use instruments like the organ, flute, and harpsichord. The movement of the melody used kontrapung techniques, namely the movement of several melodic lines at once.

The existence of Madrigal (secular music that was sung without accompaniment), motet, Missa, fantasia, toccatta, and Fugue was also known. This century was called as a renaissance since it emerged as the development of knowledge and art.

Some characteristics of music in this century were polyphonic. In this era, people began to recognize the existence of four-voice choir that was divided into 3 types of composition. Those types were sacred (church), secular (non-ecclesiastical), and instrumental. The division of the melodic phrases was already balanced, while the vocal form was attached to the structure of the text or lyrics.

The composers in this era were Giovanni Gabrieli, Giovanni Perluigi, Orlando Lassus, Guillaume, and Du Fay.

Music in XVII century

Music in this century was influenced by opera and Oratorio. Opera was a musical drama which partly or wholly sung with orchestral accompaniment or instrumental music, while Oratorio referred to the musical drama without a script.

In Oratorio, there was usually a sacred element. Opera was originally pioneered in the Florentine Academy, Italy. Furthermore, the opera was known in France, Germany, and England. The popular composers in this time were Jocopo Peri and Claudio Monteverdi.

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Every person who has constantly heard of melody beforehand has dreamt of someday performing an instrument on their own. The guitar is probably the mainly widely held instrument to facilitate community want to become skilled at. The guitar is used to perform a varied variety of tune for the reason that of its wonderful sound and its amazing melody versatility. It can as well remain single of the nearly everyone sought after musical instruments. All it will take to discover are only some resources of easy guitar lessons and the passion to practice devotedly.

Not everybody has the schedule otherwise money to pay out on the traditional way to discover this instrument by leaving to a music tutor and taking normal lessons. You can stumble on a bundle of resources for easy guitar lesson offered on the internet. They can be present learned inside the convenience of your building and they’re a lot cheaper than usual teaching. Discovering the reasonable one can remain a little tricky since you’ll stumble on hundreds and perhaps thousands of these teaching on hand.

There are factually hundreds of information’s on the internet which will help to teach you on several of the top ways of practicing, and places to obtain easy guitar lesson. The internet group of people is a remarkable source meant for get a hold lot of no cost lesson. So why not take benefit and obtain by hand certain lesson on learning how to use the guitar.

What is so grand on learning to use the guitar is that you just truly to need to fully understand three or four chords at the start to start to perform a few of your favorite songs. A proportion of the songs which I have on paper were produced using merely three to four chords.

The hardest part of studying how to use the guitar is most likely at the initiation. You might realize the chords to be present little difficult to cope with and your fingers will be in pain from holding down the strings. You ought to be able to attain your harmonize and render the chords much more controllable if you commit it a small bit of period and exercise. Your fingers will too acquire the essential sturdiness and dexterity essential in the field of guitar performing.

I do strongly advise so as to you locate a respectable quality material to start on your easy guitar lesson. If you possess acquaintances that participate you can exercise with them and grind your abilities. As soon as you perform with your contacts it’s a much more enjoyable moment.

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The 90s saw the emergence of new music genres such as Alternative Rock, Indie and Brit Pop as well as the introduction of Country as a mainstream contemporary music genre. There were many big selling albums and artists some literally selling ten’s of millions of records.

Big successes in the form of the Smashing Pumpkins album ‘Californication’ and Nirvana’s hugely popular single ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’ arguably assisted in propelling Alternative Rock to new heights of popularity. Brit Pop was another trend born from the 90s which represented the experiences of British youth. This kind of music was heavily influenced by rock bands of the 60s and 70s and 80s and many of the biggest bands to emerge from this counter culture such as The Verve, Blur and Oasis would go on to top the charts time and time again.

A number of songs define music during the 90s more so than many others. Their representation of the youth and culture of the decade is undeniable to some they could be construed as arbitrary choices and by no means definitive. However, they undoubtedly became hits which would forever remain in the hearts of millions of fans across the globe.

Songs that define the 90s

* The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony
* Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
* Oasis – Wonderwall
* Blur – Park Life
* Radiohead – Creep
* REM – Losing My Religion
* Alanis Morissette – Ironic
* Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication
* Fugees- Killing Me Softly
* 2pac – California Love
* No Doubt – Don’t Speak
* Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise
* DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince – Summertime
* Spice Girls – Wannabe
* Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby
* MC Hammer – Can’t Touch This
* TLC – Waterfalls

Biggest Selling Music Artists of the 90s

When considering popular recording artists of the 90s there are a number of factors to consider, such as, how many records they sold but also what kind of impact they had on the culture of their time, which is an intangible quantity. Singers such as country superstar Garth Brooks was not as big in the UK as he was in the US, but he sold millions of albums and went on to be one of the biggest selling singers of the 90s. Mariah Carey defined the diva era of the 90s winning countless awards and selling more records than you can shake a stick at, she certainly cannot be left out from any most popular singer of the 90s list.

Shania Twain country songstress who became one of the most popular female singers of the decade performed ‘Come on Over’ which would end up being the biggest selling album of the 90s selling well over 35 million copies worldwide. Elton John did not do too badly either with his single ‘Candle in the Wind’ recorded as a tribute to Princess Diana who tragically died in 1997. The single went on to sell over 30 million copies worldwide. Other notable entries include Backstreet Boys, Take That, Celine Dion, Alanis Morisette and Whitney Houston who all sold tens of millions of records.

In many respects the 90s ignited a new dawn in music with meteoric rises and catastrophic falls, it will forever be remembered as a decade which delivered a variety of all time classics from an eclectic mix of performers.

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Millions of DJs, or Disc Jockeys, work hard every day and night around the world in a variety of situations to bring you seamlessly spun together music to keep the atmosphere and the party going into the small hours. But how many people really appreciate the skill and research that goes into this art form. You may well have ‘air DJ’d’ at some point, mimicking the scratching performed by some DJs, but aside from that there is much more that goes into it.


Of course the classic image of a DJ is of one playing records on turntables. While many DJs still use records, and many also argue that this is the only pure form of DJing, it is now possible thanks to advances in technology, to use CD turntables, minidisc turntables and even virtual turntables on a computer which can be hooked up to record turntables and scratched and mixed as if the mp3 were a record. As well as decks, and of course speakers and an amplifier, a DJ uses a mixer which is a device which accepts the audio input from the decks and transfers them to the amplifier and speakers. This key bit of gear allows the DJ to adjust the sound frequency levels and swap between outputs from the decks with a slider which when coupled with scratching creates some astonishing effects.


The skill is to use a combination of music selection, the equipment and, put simply, knowing what song or beat sounds good played next to which other song. BPM (beats per minute) is a measure of how fast a song is, one way a DJs talent can be heard is by getting two songs with differing BPM to meld seamlessly together so that the rhythm people are dancing to never lets up. Also, a sudden shift in BPM can have a different, yet no less impressive effect, best done when changing styles of music.

Know Your Audience

The most crucial fundamental job of a DJ is to know what sort of event and what sort of audience they will be playing for. A wedding reception DJ probably wouldn’t play hard jungle music or death metal, but I suppose it depends on the wedding. Deciding what music you are going to play before hand, making sure you have enough of it and that it is as up to date as possible, depending on the type of music it is, is an important step. A Corporate DJ could also provide a very different style for the event.

In the end, the goal of the DJ is to keep everyone on the dance floor having fun for as long as possible. Ask any DJ and they will certainly agree, that if they can do that they will know they have done a good job.

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Broadway shows are really popular nowadays. There are lots of theaters all over the world most especially in New York City. These shows are great most especially the production. But we can never deny the truth that it really cost a lot of money. Everyone can love Broadway but not everyone can afford a show on Broadway. But if you are determined to get what you really love well, no doubt to make some solutions or steps in reaching your dreams and goals in life. Then you must find ways in fulfilling it. This would help you to save your money and at the same time you would also be able to watch the wonderful performances of the famous actors and actresses. These would be a good experience for a person who really has the heart of Broadway shows.
There are different ways in getting some discounts Broadway tickets.. Some of the Broadway theatres offer up to 50% discount but this is occasional and you would have to wait for chances to get these offers. However, you would get discounts on tickets for those shows which are usually not popular but you can satisfy yourself by watching these plays. These shows may not be popular but it will assure you great satisfaction broadways field. Because every production in every shows really takes a lot of time just to produce good with quality shows. But then we should be very delicate in choosing once show, sureness of tickets and many other that would really affect your show or production.
Also there are ticket brokers that might offer you discounts in order to sell out the tickets faster. They will really use many ways just to, you should produce good tickets for the costumer. If then you have some contacts though this does not assure you a discount but you would get tickets at face value rates. Some of the Broadway theatres offer up to 50% discount but this is occasional and you would have to wait for chances to get these offers. However, you would get discounts on tickets for those shows which are usually not popular but you can satisfy yourself by watching these plays. Then some there are ticket brokers that might offer you discounts in order to sell out the tickets faster. That’s great news to know right? Lastly you should have some references or any reliable information that can help you to what are you doubting. We should not rely only to our self, need also some suggestion from other around us. For me the best and most reliable source in speaking of Broadway shows and ticket is the internet.. Keeping an eye for partial view or obstructed seating can also help you save money on your tickets, this would really be a great help.

All in all, these simple things can be helpful although it is just simple you can still view few things in order to get access to tickets at absolutely reasonable prices and enjoy the performances.

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The Texas State Fair of Texas, is one of the largest and most diverse in the world. Even though it’s a hassle to get there and tiring too, because of its large area, its well worth the effort, once you arrive.

I didn’t go this year, but after reading an article by ERIC AASEN, Staff Writer of the Dallas Morning News, I realized I really missed something special that had been absent from the Fair for nine years:
Billy Roy Switzer and his One Man Band.

Switzer uses his head, feet, legs, mouth and hands to play TEN musical instruments (in years past, he has played TWELVE, but there wasn’t enough space for the additional two this year.

The instruments he plays are the piano, bass drum, snare drum, bass keyboard, cymbal, tambourine, harmonica, a second cymbal, cowbell, and a wash board.

Billy Roy is playing 152 concerts this year during the Fair, and previously appeared at the State Fair of Texas for almost twenty years, until he took nine years off to care for his wife when she became ill.

His regular performance schedule is every hour from noon to five p.m., with an additional show at six p.m. on Saturday and Sunday – and he enjoys performing, as much as the audience does, listening.

I’m not sure what he gets paid, but it has to be a lot less than a ten-person band would cost!

One can’t help but admire Billy Roy as a prime example of what a person can do with their imagination, ingenuity and energy! So hats off to you, Billy Roy. We hope to see you next year at the State Fair of Texas!

But his example doesn’t have to apply to only musical instruments, but virtually any activity under the sun. With the same imagination, ingenuity and energy, people have created and invented astounding accomplishments throughout history.

Each of us has the same ability to achieve similar goals as Billy Roy, if we simply open our minds to things of interest to us and apply imagination, ingenuity and energy. So this is your charge to get started on your goal to excel in one of your interests that has been lying dormant far too long!

So crank up your special imagination, ingenuity and energy and contribute something really great to the world and those around you.

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Have you ever desired learning to master dj’ing? or even just DJ as a hobby? but found it way too tricky to start? Many, including myself thought this as well. However, I decided to dive right into the electronic Virtual DJ age, and was incredibly flabbergasted at the ease that one can learn how to dj fast. I found that even with the vast amount of information and youtube videos you’ll find on the internet, there wasn’t that a great many quality video training guides that will properly walk you through step-by-step, from the very basics, towards the progressive pro remix methods. In the modern electronic era, djing software, the precise computerware, and virtual DJ software is crtical for the success of any DJ. Sean Gallagher promises that you’ll go from a complete novice or newbie to mixing like a pro in just 2 weeks. You’ll also learn what computerware, hardware, as well as the suggested virtual DJ application you’ll need for being successful.

Learn How To DJ fast is the premise behind the product, however, you are able to learn at your individual pace as well as master the elements you enjoy the most. Pro DJ Mixing – Quick & Easy was created by renowned, worldwide, DJ Sean Gallagher. Sean has been Dj’ing for years, in a number of the best clubs around the world. I read that Sean continues to be enjoying himself in Mexico with his girlfriend the past few months, and rather than rocking clubs on a nightly basis, helping people like us to master the art of mixing.

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I’ve priced out several DJ studio’s in Toronto and NY, and you’re very lucky to receive training for lower than a $100 an hour. Pro DJ Mixing – Quick & Easy provides hours of video to follow, sample mixes, and tips and tricks you might only learn from a Club DJ. That’s a fantastic bargain.

Pro DJ Mixing – Quick & Easy by Sean Gallagher is for anyone who is getting started in the DJ world, or those that have some mixing knowledge but want to understand the correct techniques and get some quality higher training. Pro DJ Mixing comes with a 100% no questions asked, money back warranty for 1 year, if you are not happy. I don’t think you could potentially be offered a greater guarantee for a training product. At the end of the day, I am convinced you are going to be blown away by this astounding product. To understand more, watch a quick video remix review, at the Vibes IT Pro DJ Mixing – Quick & Easy page.

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Now, many of you may be reading this and are just very curious about how you are going to actually learn how to play the electric guitar… Well, that is a good question to begin with. The first thing you will need to know is that learning how to play the electric guitar is very fun and you are going to have a blast learning, but at the same time you are going to find that it is very hard at times and will get rather tedious, but stay strong because if you really want to learn how to play the electric guitar you will have to stick with it! Every skill learned takes practice, so don’t get down on yourself if you don’t learn in an hour… It will take work.

After you realize the fact that you won’t be a pro in a matter of hours then you will be able to understand that to get to a pro will take some time, but the main thing not to worry about is becoming a pro… I’ll put it to you a little simpler. Even the pros practice, even the pros try to make them selves better at guitar, so always have in the back of your mind this is going to take work… Some sweat equity. Don’t get caught up in always worrying about if you’re still a beginner, intermediate, or a pro. Always try to make yourself better by practicing every day. Remember practice makes perfect, so to get perfect at playing the guitar you will need to practice.

Some of you still have tons and tons of questions on how to play the electric guitar. Well, a lot of those questions will remain unanswered even when you get to the pro status, but many of those questions will and can be answered by searching the internet, YouTube, and various websites… One such website is this: http://www.free-electric-guitar-lessons.com be sure to check out all the information there. I know it will be very helpful. Also, this website has free video lessons so be sure to check that out too..

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For some, it is really an intimidating task to learn to play piano. It requires too much money, time, and effort to succeed in this task. However, this is not true for students who have taken Rocket Piano as their teacher. With its help, learning to play the piano is made into something fun, affordable, accessible, and efficient. Hence, you will not hear from these students that learning the craft is a headache.

As compared to any other program of the same kind in the web, Rocket Piano is a lot better in everything. The program is affordable, easy to follow, and fun to learn with. It is definitely hundred percent scam-free and can be able to be regarded as a trustworthy online piano teacher.

What is Rocket Piano

The program comes with a compilation of books and also CDs. Plus, it is a complete package of effective tools such as audio files, diagrams, instructions, and the like. There are also several interactive games and quick theory tutorials in the program. Upon signing up for free, you can gain access to hundreds of piano lessons in its online course.

The Jam Track is one of the strengths of this program. This contains a series of audio tracks of different bands. Through this, you can practice great music and also increase your musicality at the same time. There are a lot more exciting features that this program offers awaiting you!

Other Features of the Program

The rocket program comes with a lot of great features and services. Despite this fact, it is still very easy to follow. This is because everyone using the program is given immediate access, even if you are a beginner or not. All of the information and instructions in this rocket program are presented in a clear manner, which makes it easy to understand and follow.

The program also comes with an excelled finger exercise program, easy guide on chords and notes reading, and easy instructions on hand positioning. Moreover, it comes with a lot of great games and bonuses with the aim of providing you a more enjoyable and reliable kind of learning.

Regardless of your level in piano playing is, be it beginner, intermediate, or advanced, you can easily learn and master piano today. This is not of course with the help of your private piano instructor and other online lessons out there but through the most popular and efficient Rocket Piano. So if you seriously want to learn to play piano without spending too much money, effort, and time then make sure to grab only this program. Surely, you have nothing to worry about here for this program is definitely the best deal in the market ever.

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