One of the most common questions asked by singers who are just starting out is: “How do I do that vibrato thing?” While a good vibrato can be a sign of proper vocal technique, it is important to realize that unless you are singing classical music and opera, a vibrato is just one more tool in your toolbox to help with the artistry and style of your singing.

First off, let’s understand what vibrato is and what it isn’t. Vibrato happens when there is a slight oscillation of the vocal chords out of an open throat with the proper application of the supporting structures and muscles. The sound it produces is almost like a rubber ball bouncing quickly and easily between two notes on vowel sounds. You should be able to control your vibrato and use it only when necessary to add feeling or color to a phrase – turn it on and off at will.

Getting to that point requires a lot of exercise and patience. You’ll need to get a “feel” for the vibrato first, to understand what it’s supposed to feel like. One technique that can help with that is to place your hand on your stomach just below your diaphragm, start singing an easy note you feel comfortable with and use your hand to manually vibrate your voice by performing a sort of “pumping” action.

When you think you have the feel of it, you can start to practice achieving it vocally instead of manually. It could be useful to imagine the direction of the vibration to be to and fro instead of up and down – horizontal vibration instead of vertical. Think of it as throwing a very small pebble into a pond versus throwing in a huge rock. When you throw in the pebble, it will make small ripples across the surface, which represents the small amount of oscillation you are looking for in your voice. If you throw in a large rock, it will make huge waves, which is not what you want your voice to do at all.

Once you have that picture in mind and after doing your warm-up exercises, you’ll need to make a sound like a siren, just like you did when you were little and playing cops and robbers. On the sound “woo-woo”, mimic the two tones of a siren, taking care not to throw an “e” in there so that it becomes “wheeoo – wheeoo”. If there is an “e” sound in there, just take it out as soon as you hear it and try to concentrate on producing a pure “oo” sound. Do not worry about the speed or anything like that right now – for now we’re just focusing on teaching your voice to bounce comfortably.

Continue doing this until it feels completely comfortable and effortless. When you are ready, you can leave out the “w”, so that you make your siren sound on only the “oo-oo” sound. The next step is to speed it up until you reach about five or six oscillations per second.
It may take weeks to get to this point, though, so don’t be tempted to rush it before you are completely comfortable with the previous steps, as this will only damage your voice and set back your progress. It is important to remember that at no point should your voice feel strained, painful or stressed.

Mastering your vibrato takes a lot of practice and a lot of time, but if you stick to it, you’ll be rewarded with complete mastery over it and the ability to insert it into any phrase you wish, as well as leave it out of any phrase. Always remember: Vibrato cannot disguise a dull voice and should be used sparingly, but can make a huge impact when you do decide to use it.

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Mastering your vibrato takes a lot of practice and a lot of time, but if you stick to it, you’ll be rewarded with complete mastery over it and the ability to insert it into any phrase you wish, as well as leave it out of any phrase. Always remember: Vibrato cannot disguise a dull voice and should be used sparingly, but can make a huge impact when you do decide to use it.

Although Paramore have been together for about six years, with three albums under their belts, “The Only Exception” ( which I worked out last month and posted to my Pop Songs guitar chords page ) was the first of their songs I’d ever heard, and it pretty much got me hooked!

On “Brick by Boring Brick”, also from the latest album “Brand New Eyes”, Hayley Williams shows that as well as the silky, sultry vocals she treated us with on “The Only Exception”, she can really rock out the vocals when she wants to. It’s a great rock song, I need to dig deeper into this album and the band’s older work.

The song is in the key of A major, but I’ve transposed it down to G ( partly as this creates an easier set of chords, but mainly because I couldn’t reach the high notes! ). If you want to play along with the song on CD or on the video below, you’ll need to put a capo on the 2nd fret to bring the key back up from G to A.

The chords ( after transposition ) are Em, C, G and D through most of the song, with an A minor thrown in during the bridge. If you want to play without the capo, these will be F#m, D, A, E and B minor.

My interpretation of “Brick by Boring Brick” is now on Rock Songs Guitar Chords page of my website, at the link below:

Guitar Chords and Lyrics to Paramore – Brick by Boring Brick

When you’ve had a few practice runs, try playing along with the song at YouTube – Paramore “Brick by Boring Brick”. Remember that I’ve transposed the song from A down to G, so you’ll need to either transpose back up to the A major set of chords, or just put a capo on the 2nd fret.

The official Paramore web site is at: Paramore – Home Page.

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Enjoy your music!

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Onkyo HTX22HDX What You Must Know

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The Onkyo HTX22HDX 3D Ready Ultra Compact 2.1 Home Cinema System builds on the reputation of the much preferred HDX-22HD which it replaces. It is remarkably designed to visually complement its ground shaking bass together with crystal clear treble surround capability.

With just 2.1 channels, Onkyo HTX22HDX through it very own Onkyo’s Theater-Dimensional circuits, streamlines the conventional surround-speaker set up by making it possible for you to experience the excitement of surround sound.

It comes with a combination subwoofer and A/V receiver plus two front speakers for gorgeous mid- and high-range audio. Onkyo HTX22HDX handles HD formats from DTS and Dolby; engages quality Burr-Brown DACs for all channels, these all takes full benefit from the high data capacity of the Blu ray format.

There is so much that you can do with Onkyo HTX22HDX. Having 3 HDMI® 1.4a inputs and 1 output, you can link up to your Blu-ray player, XBOX, PS3, SKY/Virgin HD Box and cable/sat tuner all at once. Hassle free and no interchanging your equipment constantly.

With four gaming modes – Rock, Sports, RPG or Action, you can even match your gaming content to get the best audio impact plus gaming adventure.

You also get a pair of optical-digital-audio inputs and a single coaxial-digital socket. For iPod connections, there are 2 RCA jack stereo inputs for you to hook up either a dock or other stereo devices.

If you are thinking about the upcoming 3D videos, HDMI 1.4a is also compatible with it and even lets you run an Audio Return Channel from your display’s tuner back to the receiver.

With Onkyo HTX22HDX’s new overlaid On-Screen Display (OSD) feature, it is very easy to change any one of the setting ‘on the fly’. On-screen set-up menus appear overlaid on the video image you’re watching. This means you can alter the controls quickly, without having to switch back and forth from a blank screen background.

Additional speakers are available to expand this 2.1 channel home cinema system to the full 5.1 system.

These are the many features of Onkyo HTX22HDX

  • 2.1 Channel System
  • Dolby TrueHD & DTS-HD Master Audio Decoding
  • Immersive Surround Sound from Just Two Speakers
  • 3 x HDMI In 1 x HDMI Out Sockets
  • Virtual Surround function
  • HDMI® 1.4a Support for 3D Video and Audio Return Channel
  • 1080P Video Processing via HDMI
  • Convenient Overlaid On-Screen Display via HDMI
  • Option to upgrade to full 5.1 set up

What’s in the box
# Onkyo HTX22HDX
# Speaker cables
# Optical digital audio cable
# Power cord
# Speaker spacers
# Instruction manual
# Remote controller
# AA (R6) batteries x 2

Who should get Onkyo HTX22HDX?
At 2.1 channel, Onkyo HTX22HDX produces an amazing viewer experience for any small living room, study, games room or bedroom. With a room that size, this home theatre system is more than sufficient to power an immersive and effective cinematic effect.

Onkyo HTX22HDX allows you an option of 2.1 channel or the full 5.1 channel setup. By going for the full 5.1 set up, you will get a centre and rear surround speakers, giving more ‘ommph’ to the system. This upgrade will give the rear-effects channels that you experience in a full 5.1 system.

If you have no immediate need to upgrade, you can even stagger the costs and buy the extra speakers later.

With 4 game settings to match your gaming content for a more realistic action, it is any gamers dream come true. Choose from Rock, Sports, Action, or RPG and create an audio experience with far more realism together with impact.

The speakers are very compact. And if that is not sufficient, there are keyhole wall mount holes on the back of each speaker (two for the centre speaker in the extra speaker set) so its possible to essentially insert an 8mm screw into the wall and place the speaker onto the screw as if you were hanging a clock!

Let’s see what a current owner of Onkyo HTX22HDX says about this home cinema system

J. Potter,
I have tested out many sound systems over the years and all fell short because of being too exclusive to hardware, proprietary connectors that broke or of just being too big for a small space. I wanted something with generous inputs for XBOX/PS3 and Blu Ray player while having a solid sound quality and I could only find every one of these in Onkyo HTX22HDX.

The simplicity in setup is indeed a winner. There are NO propriety connectors for connecting speakers which is a real bonus over most PC capable systems.Its a vibrant sound of outstanding quality and clarity. It delivers floor shaking effects and sound awesome. It is unbelievable that just two speakers can create such and impact. Very highly recommended indeed.

Review paraphrase for space

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Alternatively, give yourself more choices and discover other widely popular home cinema systems through this link.

If you are looking to fill your portable player with music to entertain you while on the go, you may want to learn about downloading free mp3 legally. The purchasing of CDs can turn out to be very expensive and so have another avenue to get great music, which can significantly help you to conserve on some much needed cash. In addition to helping you to save, getting music this way can help you to find new artist, and help you to decide if you really love the songs on a CD before going to buy the CD.

Ways to Download Music

Free music can be obtained from different sits on the internet, however not all sites offering downloads are operating legally and so it is crucial that you confirm that a site is offering you downloads legally before downloading. The most popular avenues to use are the website of the artist you are interested in and peer to peer networks like BearShare.

At times different artist will make some of their songs available for free download on their website and so it’s a good point to check. However, peer to peer networks will offer you a lot more variety, these basically work by allowing users of the network to share the music they contain among each member of the network.

Accessing Free Music

In order to begin downloading music, the first thing you need to do is to locate a reputable website where you can download music legally. Once you have found a website you trust, do some research to ensure that they are operating legally and you might want to scan through their terms and conditions if necessary. Some sites may require of you to open a free account and then download the software which will facilitate your downloads. To register all you will need is your email address, a user name by which persons will see you and a password which you will create.

In most cases, a lot of these sites offer accounts which carry a subscription for a small fee. Signing up for these accounts will give you access to a wider variety of music, and also access to music that is copyrighted. You may therefore consider signing up for one of these accounts to receive access to more Free mp3.

Once you have registered and downloaded the required software, you can begin downloading your free mp3 by first searching for the music you desire using fields like the name of the artist, song, track number, album or genre. This should make your searching experience a lot easier and more convenient for you.

To ensure that you can download free music using this method, ensure that you have Windows XP or a later operating system, Windows Explorer 6.0 or later and atleast 128 Memory on your hard drive and Windows Media Player 9.0 or later. Most softwares will require approximately 15MB of your hard drive.

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The Yamaha DGX keyboard series has instruments with more than 61 keys, mostly 88 keys and a few 76 keys. It includes many features and functions of an arranger keyboard, the usual multiple voices, styles, effects and sequencer. The advanced models in this series come with 88 fully weighted piano action keys that feel more like a piano. These keyboards give you the best of an arranger along with a digital piano i.e. 88 weighted keys.

The Clavinova and the Arius series of pianos from Yamaha are one of the ultimate pianos, they feel more like a real piano. But then they are quite expensive, too steep on the pockets for most music enthusiasts and so they look for other alternatives.

Whereas a Yamaha DGX keyboard is far more affordable as far as price is concerned. You can choose from a variety of models in the DGX series. The entry level keyboard in this series is Yamaha DGX 230 and the flagship product is Yamaha DGX 640.

Though a Yamaha DGX keyboard is meant to be portable, some of the models can be a bit heavy to carry. Reason being the weighted keys, and the inclusion of a stand which adds to the weight of this keyboard!

Usual keyboard functions like multiple voices, styles and effects can be found on these DGX keyboards. Other useful features on these models include USB to Device terminal, USB to Host terminal, and pitch bend.

Overall, the DGX keyboards are great if you want to combine the best of a digital piano and an arranger at an affordable cost, and if you are also looking for a portable solution. These are any day more inspiring to practice upon than any other 61 key arrangers just because you get that feeling of playing on something big. So you may want to lay your hands on an 88 key <u>Yamaha DGX keyboard</u> today.

yamaha dgx keyboard 88 key model reviews

yamaha ypg / dgx 88 key keyboard reviews

yamaha dgx keyboard styles and prices

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How To Make A Rap Song Like A Pro

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Now that high quality beat making software is available, a budding rapper does not have to buy a digital audio workstation (DAW) or rent costly studio time in order to make a rap song.

Starting rappers often face the problem of not knowing which beat making software to go for since the Internet offers an enormous amount of options. It is easy to get confused and either give up in frustration or else make an impulsive decision that leads to the wrong software.

Rapping can be a hobby or a career. It is important to decide which of the two it is.

If you think of rap as a hobby, then you should pick a free beat making software tool from the Internet. Keep in mind that the sound effects that come with these free programs are limited and if you make a rap song, it will not be of broadcast quality. So there is a compromise in sound variety and quality.

If you plan on becoming a professional rapper, on the other hand, invest in a high quality beat maker software. These come with thousands of sound effects and a keyboard set that will allow chords, horns, and melodies for utilization. If you make a rap song, it will be in WAV file format which is the quality that goes on CDs, and the studio standard.

Cube Base and Fruity Loops are often recommended to beginners due to their advanced features. In reality both software tools have a steep learning curve that can take a lot of time before it is possible to make a rap song.

Dub Turbo is an alternative that comes with a low-cost price tag often making music techies suspicious of its ability to deliver what is stated on its website and press releases. It includes several training videos that are step by step tutorials helping the beginner familiarize himself with the ins and outs of the program. There is also a PDF guide that will help him make a rap song in about an hour. The program outputs music files of broadcast quality.

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MP3 Players World

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Music is the ultimate source of entertainment for most people on the planet. It is among the best options for relaxing and de-stressing one self, when you are mired with stress and anxiety. It happens to be on top of people`s well-known priorities, to listen to music being a regular part of their lives. The invention of devices like Mp3 player and iPod has now allow them to hear their most favorite songs, even if they are moving around. This very fact has mostly led to the growing popularity of the Mp3 player gadgets among a lot of people throughout the world.

Music is really a from of entertainment just like dancing and people enthusiastic about hearing songs worth its significance in the day-to-day life. A exhausted mind will invariably welcome the ecstasy of music to sneak free from the constrains one’s monotony. Hearing music awakens our mind, body and spirit and that we experience feeling of freedom. In exhausting occasions music appears to be our ideal friend and prior to we realize our worries get melted in the tune of the high sounding beats.
Music soothes not just if we are distressed, but in occasions of boredom and nothingness. Therefore the field of music is maneuvered by innovative technologies that have proven its colors within the contemporary musical gadgets such as music players or MP3 players. The musical players are available to everyone then one can consider storing almost as much as many tracks with excellent relieve. One can also download the songs from a popular site and listen to them in free time or when stuck in a jam. The MP3 player has become an integral part of our lives and it has a higher utility as it provides immense relaxation and comfort.
MP4/MP3 digital music and video player with the similar outstanding features you now anticipate from your digital media players, however with touchscreen and an integrated digital camera + video recorder. This player is much like your own personal entertainment center loaded into one slick PMP. Touch screen manage using the large TFT LCD would make navigation very simple.

Visit my site for more information – Zune Mp3 Player

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Hello all music lovers, in this article i am going to tell you how easy it is to learn how to make a beat on the computer. If you love any form of music production and love making your own beats, you will love to know the best way to know how to make a beat on the computer right.

Ok so your not going to need loads of expensive equipment, thats all in the past. all you need today is the best software on your PC and you can turn your PC in to a Digital audio workstation or DAW.

The best software for this I find to be Dubturbo Special link for discount code right here not only will this software teach you how to make a beat on the computer, it will also help you get your beats on to CD or even help you sell your beats.

The great video tutorials that are provided teach you all there is to know about how to make a beat on the computer and that is the main thing really as if you can make a beat your set.

Not only will you have access to vidoe tutorials to teach you how to make a beat on the computer, you will also get the support from the Dubturbo support team they too will learn you how to make a beat on the computer so no matter how you look at it if you get this awesome music beat maker software you will absolutely learn how to make a beat on the computer.

To read more on Dubturbo please click the article link below or go straight to music beat makers.

So just to re-cap if you want to make sick beats and they can be any genre you wish Rap,Hip Hop,Pop,Rock,House,Dance and so on you need to know how to make a beat on the computer and as I said check out Dubturbo its awesome!.

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My name is peter Johnson (aka Decks) I absolutley love music production and enjoy making sick beats. I would like to share this article with you which shows you the best software to make a beat.

Also my own website here

As a professional DJ I know what it takes to keep the crowd up and dancing. But
there are always times where, either the crowd is not a dancing crowd, its a daytime
wedding or unfortunately the crowd has not has a few drinks to loosen up a bit. I
mean lets be real with each other, we all attend weddings especially the married people
because we get a chance to let our hair down, dance, and have fun like we were when
we were single. How many married couples do you think go out dancing? And for the one’s
that do go out and dance where do they go? The club scene? The karaoke bar? A jazz club?

So as a professional dj you have to know how to appeal to your ENTIRE crowd. One simple
way I do that is with a conga line. I will invite our Bride and Groom up to dance and
they start the conga line while everyone gets up and the line gets longer and longer. This
is a great ice breaker dance, doesn’t require a whole bunch of coordination, and you can tell
if you have a party enthused crowd or just a bunch of sit down and do nothing people.

Lets say i don’t get any takers or very few for the conga line, then its time to resort to
the heavy hitters and bring those people out there with an anniversary dance. I also do
give a ways (prizes) the crowd can win, sometimes cash, gift certificates, or gift cards.
Now the crowd loves to win, think about it who doesn’t like to win something?

Now don’t get me wrong, some brides do not want all the games, and want just elegant music
played and no activities, which is fine with me it makes my job easier and I am there for
my bride and groom. Its their special day, and we do it their way, at Music and More
Entertainment Service!!

Tampa Wedding DJ

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Million Dollar Quartet

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On December 4, 1956, four young talented men met at Sun Records in Memphis and made music that rocked the world and still rocks the world today. The four young men, brought together by Sam Philips of Sun Records, are Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash. These talented young men then were under contract to Sun Records with various degrees of success. Jerry Lee Lewis was new to the recording industry and Carl Perkins was striving to create his next hit following “Blue Suede Shoes,” while Cash and Presley were enjoying widespread fame.

Million Dollar Quartet is a rollicking tale of the night when Cash, Lewis, Perkins, and Presley met at Sun Records. Their history making session is memorialized with the compilation of country, gospel, rhythm and blues, and rock and roll hits ever written, performed in one stage production. The songs in this production are a list of gold records for the original artists:
Blue Suede Shoes
Down By the Riverside
Great Balls of Fire
Hound Dog
I Hear You Knocking
I Walk the Line
Riders in the Sky
See You Later Alligator
Sixteen Tons
That’s All Right
There Will Be Peace in the Valley
Who Do You Love
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On
Folsom Prison Blues

Million Dollar Quartet opens at the Noël Coward Theatre in London on February 8, 2011, and is booked through October 1, 2011. The Noël Coward Theatre is a West End Theatre on St. Martin’s Lane in the City of Westminster. This theatre, formerly known as the Albery Theatre, was designed by architect W.G.R. Sprague with a Classical style exterior and a Roccoco style interior. The London run has a smashing creative team including Jane Greenwood (costume design), Howard Binkley (lighting design), Derek McLane (scenic design), Kai Harada (sound design), and Chuck Mead (musical arrangements and supervision). Million Dollar Quartet is produced by Relevant Theatricals, John Cossette Productions, American Pop Anthology, John Bore, Thomas B. McGrath, James Nederlander, Joseph Smith, and Michael McCabe.

For a mesmerizing behind the scenes look at creative genius at work with the intrigue of divided loyalties and professional jealousy, lure of fame and fortune, joy of discovery and industry, it delivers a memorable performance for all, so get your Million Dollar Quarter London tickets soon!

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Roo Sadegi is a West End critic who spends a lot of his time reviewing up and coming shows in London.